How to Throw an Amazing 4th of July Party in Your Small Apartment

Living in a tiny space and desperate to host an epic 4th of July backyard barbecue this summer? Well, you might not have a backyard—or an outdoor grill—but there’s no reason you shouldn’t get to live out this wholesome, all-American dream indoors. Throwing any kind of party in a small apartment takes a lot of planning, but the good news is that we’re here to help you do it.

Here are some pro tips on throwing a poppin’ 4th of July party in your tiny apartment:

First Thing’s First

Ok, so you want to throw a patriotic 4th of July Bash in your 500 square foot apartment. Like we said, totally doable. But you’re going to have to make some space first. How? It’s time to get moving—before the party, move any unnecessary or particularly large furniture into another room, like your bedroom, or a [really large] closet, and shut the door. No one will know the difference since they won’t be going in there, and your guests will have more room to walk around and socialize.

As for seating, it doesn’t have to be over the top. If there are more guests than chairs, no worries. That just means they’ll have to socialize, which is what you want! Grab chairs from any and all areas in the apartment, and maybe even pick up a couple foldable plastic chairs at an affordable price for the night. Floor pillows are also a great option!

Barbecue Sans Grill

Delicious barbecued food is as essential to the 4th of July as fireworks (we’ll get to that later,) but you don’t need to be outside to barbecue, and that does NOT mean bringing your grill inside. Seriously, don’t do that. There are other options! Check out this Smokeless Stovetop Grill. The only thing is that it’s a bit small, but that’s just where you’re going to have to get creative. Think small, like mini weenies and sliders. Another great mini option would be to make a variety of different skewers. Just grill up little bits of meat and veggies and put them on a stick. It’s that easy. Here are some delicious looking skewer recipes to try.

Skip the Fire

Fireworks are for outside. Out. Side. Yes, even sparklers and those tiny little poppers that you throw on the sidewalk. Don’t catch your apartment on fire! Especially not after all the hard work you put into the party. The indoor alternative? Glow in the dark EVERYTHING. When it starts to get dark out, turn off all the lights and impress your guests with your plethora of glow in the dark décor. Plates, glasses, chandelier, streamers, centerpieces, you name it. Here’s an awesome link on throwing a glow in the dark party to get some ideas. If you feel you absolutely must make noise, get some of those noise-makers that everyone blows into on New Year’s. It’ll be just as loud, I promise.

Don’t Forget to Decorate

Decorating is the best part, right? Red, white, and blue streamers are easy.  If you want to turn up the volume though, hang some string lights with them (just make sure they’re far enough away from the streamers to not be a fire hazard.) You’ll want to keep tabletop décor to a minimum since you need all the space you can get for food, so keep it simple here. These patriotic mason jars could be used to hold utensils. Or you could always decorate with star spangled food.

We hope these tips are useful! Good luck on your party-planning, and Happy 4th of July. By the way, if you need help storing some of that extra furniture for the evening, check out urBin Storage. They’ll come to you, so you can focus on entertaining.

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