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How it works

We organize moving as a service that takes away the stress of moving by planning, arranging, coordinating, overseeing and foreseeing all your moving-related needs and processes for you. urBin will help you:

  • Plan out the move, create and sort inventory, and find movers
  • Arrange building reservations, post-move cleaning, painting, and handyman services
  • Coordinate work at the new location (interior design, painting, mounting accessories, cable/internet appointments)
  • Oversee the move ensuring that all items are properly handled and protected, and that the move and post-move breakdown services are going as planned
  • Foreseeing all possible issues and resolving them preemptively
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On demand storage

On-demand/valet storage is the storage brought to your doorstep. No hassle, no schlep - easy pickup and delivery.

  • Convenience: We pick up your items, store them in our secure facility and return them right back to you whenever you need them
  • Easy Online Interface: From getting the quote to scheduling pickup and delivery, to keeping track of your stored inventory - all done online from the comfort of your home
  • 24/7 service: We offer pickups and deliveries 7 days a week
  • Convenient plans: We offer flexibility of storage and only charge for the exact items you store, no rooms, no price hikes, no long-term contracts
  • Any size: be it one bin or entire home, we got you
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Storage bins

Do you need storage bins? We are happy to provide our large and extra-large plastic bins for your convenience

urBin L 30in X 15in X 16in

L urBins are larger than standard storage bins and hold on average 15-20 bulky jackets

urBin XL 40in X 20in X 20in

XL urBins are massive – they can fit the contents of 3 regular storage bins, and hold on average 25-30 bulky jackets

Furniture storage

No storage need is too big or too small for us. Be it one sofa, of full home worth of items, we have a storage option for you. Prior to being moved into a storage facility, all furniture items are properly wrapped and protected.

Moving Service

Outsource the headache of your upcoming move and allow us to plan, organize and oversee your transition. We will handle the move and all related services including storage, handyman, cleaning, interior design and more, so that in the end, your home only changes the address.

Contactless move

Unable to be there for your move? – Let us handle it for you. Whatever the reason – health, safety, work, family or something else, we will make sure your move goes smoothly even if you are not there.


I no longer dread moving because I am so comfortable with urBin doing it for me

Ella Metlitsky

They showed us in real time what they were doing in our apartment without us even being there. They worked with us hand in hand remotely to white glove move and store our belongings. We haven’t even been in the apartment for a month and we hadn’t prepared anything to pack

Adam Shuty