How to Make the Most of your Closet-Less Studio Apartment

You just moved into your new studio apartment and you’ve realized it’s missing one vital element: a closet. This might seem like a good time to panic. Not everything can be tucked away in a drawer, and besides, a huge dresser is going to take up a ton of space that you might not have to spare. And what on earth are you going to do with your shoes? Don’t worry. There’s always a solution—or several.

Here are some ways to make the most of your closet-less studio apartment:


We are going to talk about some awesome ways to work with a closet-less home, and they do not involve trashing your entire wardrobe. But you might want to consider minimizing a little bit. Decluttering your wardrobe will make the transition to a “free form” closet much easier. You’ll have less articles to deal with, which means you’ll have more space to work with. Try sorting through your clothes and picking out some articles that you could part with and donate them to charity. If you have trouble with this, don’t fret. Even the most extensive fashionista’s wardrobe can be stored effectively without a closet.

Choose an Approach

The size of your wardrobe is going to make a difference when it comes to choosing an approach. If you’re a minimalist and you do not have many items that need hanging, a simple tension rod in a corner with basic shelving can work. You’re going to want to stay as organized as possible, and you should operate under the assumption that your wardrobe is going to grow. Ikea offers some pretty sweet stand-alone shelving systems that not only operate as full-size closets, but are incredibly efficient, and look great doing it.

Get Creative

How to Make the Most of your Closet-Less Studio Apartment

The options are endless here. You have more space to work with than if you were confined to the dimensions of a closet, so really, you lucked out. Try out some fun DIY projects and have get creative with your closet project. Upcycle an old dresser or bookshelf for shoe storage, and display some framed photographs on your shelves, cozied up with your favorite sweaters. Use baskets to store accessories like scarves and socks, hang your hats, and organize your sunglasses into a cute little boutique-like display. You could even use this space to store and show off your jewelry, rather than letting it all get tangled in a drawer or box.

Make it yours

Make your closet a statement. Buy a room divider or hang a curtain, throw in a bench and a floor-length mirror, and you have yourself a personal dressing room. If you are particularly proud of your closet-organization skills, don’t hide it! Put your closet on display. That floor-length mirror could be a statement piece that brings the whole apartment together, and a small set of drawers could double as a TV stand or even a liquor shelf.

Life without a closet is not nearly as bad as it sounds. In fact, it’s actually kind of…better.

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