Make a Big Design Impact on a Small Budget

Sigh, we all have a dream home. But our budgets don’t always work in tandem with our dreams, do they? You can dream all you want, but what if I told you it’s the home you’re in now that matters? And that you could design it however you want, all within your budget, however small? It’s possible. It’s more than possible—there are a million ways to feed your inner interior designer without breaking the bank.

Sure, priorities. I get it. When you’re low on cash, the basics matter more. But there is something about designing your home that gives you a sense of pride and ownership that’s hard to beat. Even if it’s just one statement piece that you made yourself or found at a thrift store, it makes all the difference when you can look at it and think this is my home.

Wondering how you could possibly transform the home you’re in now into your dream home on a budget? Here are some ideas:


Time to get crafty. Oh, yes. Not only is DIY-ing cash-friendly, but it also enhances that sense of pride I was talking about back there. Imagine looking around at your chic modern wall art and those homemade coasters on your coffee table and being able to say you made them yourself. It’s a great feeling.

If you haven’t crafted before, get that whole pastel-colored Martha Stewart (not that she isn’t awesome) Easter egg image out of your mind. We’ve come a long way. You can thank Pinterest for that. Here are a few DIY crafts to spice up your home:

  1. Hanging DIY Shelves 
  2. Spray Paint Your Faucets
  3. Creative Photo Display 

There are plenty of easy DIY crafts online, but remember, even the more complicated ones might be worth it—they’re still cheap, and as long as you aren’t working under a time restraint, you can take as long as you need!

Thrift Shop

Thrift shops are the saving grace of broke inspiring designers. Sure, you might not find something great every time you step inside a thrift store, but you often will. You never know what you might find, and with everything so cheap, you can buy something you aren’t 100% sure about and refurbish it or save it until you have a better idea for it. Every thrift store is different, but some good things to look for are: picture frames, vintage kitchen décor like tins and boxes, vases, and lamps. These are items which are usually on the costly side—if you can find them at the thrift store, you’re golden! And like I said, you can always add a little paint to spruce an old piece up.

Use What You Have

This is the simplest thing you can do to save yourself money while designing. You have good taste—have a little faith! Go through what you have and think about how you could use things differently. Sometimes it’s just a matter of placement. Move things around and see what works. You might surprise yourself. Browse the Internet for inspiration. And now, with those valuable DIY skills, you’ll know how to take something old and make it new again.

The most important thing to remember when designing your home on a budget is to take your time, and resist the urge to splurge. You’ve got this!

If you find anything while you’re decorating that you’d like to swap out but don’t quite want to part with entirely, consider putting some items into storage with urBin Storage! They’ll come to you, so you can get back to designing.

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