Decorating your apartment can feel like a hopeless endeavor when you’re short on cash, and it’s really a bummer when your place doesn’t feel 100% yours. There are some cheap décor options out there, but they’re far and few. The good news? There’s really no better way to make your space feel more personal than to decorate it with things you made yourself, with supplies you can find around the house. Discover your inner artist and try some of these fun DIY apartment décor crafts:

  1. Upcycled Cardboard Lantern

Light up the dull corners of your home with this easy Upcycled Cardboard Lantern. That’s right. Cardboard can be fancy home décor. You just have to believe.

  1. DIY Decoupage Cardboard Tray

Fun DIY Apartment Décor

Still on the cardboard train here. You can seriously do anything with this stuff! Make these fun little decorative trays for your living room, bedroom, entry way—anywhere you want to add a pop of color.

  1. Himmeli Geometric Sculpture

Fun DIY Apartment Décor

Geometric décor is super trendy right now. Make your own with cocktail straws, floral wire, and gold spray paint and voila! You’re an artist.

  1. DIY Paper Diamond

Diamonds are forever, and this one you can print out at home. Just download the template and follow the tutorial and you’ve got yourself a pretty paper diamond.

  1. Free People Inspired Moon Phases Mobile

Take the time that you ordinarily spending gazing longingly at Free People’s insanely expensive décor online and make your own Free People Inspired Moon Phases Mobile so you can gaze longingly at the moon instead.

  1. Glitter Dipped Feather Garland

Keep it dreamy and make this gorgeous Glitter Dipped Feather Garland and hang it in your bedroom.

  1. Pom-Pom Rug (

Anthomanic Florist DIY photographed by Marta Locklear
Anthomanic Florist DIY photographed by Marta Locklear

You’ll need a pom-pom maker for this (that’s a thing,) but once you have that the rest looks easy, and you’ll have a chic, adorable pom-pom rug to adorn your floor with.

  1. Scrabble Tile Coasters

If you love words, this is the DIY décor project for you—if you’re willing to sacrifice some Scrabble tiles, of course. Maybe you could find a used game at a thrift store?

  1. Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf

Any DIY project that involves supplies you can find around the house or easily obtain at the dollar store are golden to us, like this Popsicle Sick Hexagon Shelf to display your favorite knick knacks.

  1. Mercury Glass Vase

Here’s a pretty easy one: all you need is a glass vase and mirror effect spray paint to create a shiny Mercury Glass Vase for your nightstand or coffee table.

  1. Hanging Shelves

These hanging shelves will jazz up any bare wall space, and create extra storage for knick knacks and trinkets.

  1. Pottery Barn Inspired Jute Placemats (

These are an adorable way to decorate your dining area. You could even use the same template on a smaller scale for coasters.

  1. DIY Rope Basket (

Fun DIY Apartment Décor

This one is super cheap. Grab a laundry basket from the dollar store and some rope of choice. Genius!

  1. 70 Faux Cactus and Succulent Projects and Ideas

Don’t have a green thumb? Fret not. This blog offers 70 cactus and succulent DIY projects and ideas. That’s a lot. We’re hopeful you can find something there to fill your plant void.

  1. 50 Clever Wine Cork Crafts

Here’s another great list. If you’re a wino, the DIY options are endless—there are so many things you can make with wine corks! Start saving!

Have fun crafting!

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