Closet organization sounds tricky, especially if you don’t have a ton of space, and when you have a nice convenient door to close and hide all of that clutter, it’s easy to just throw everything in there and run away. Out of sight out of mind, right?

But wouldn’t life be just a bit easier if all of the closets in your home were organized and efficient? Imagine being able to reach into any and grab what you’re looking for immediately, without having to sift through tons of clutter. It’s the little things that count, really.

Doubling your closet space is actually pretty easy—and cheap too. Re-organize all the closets in your home with these clever hacks that will double your closet space:


  1. Purge

No, it’s not fun, but the first step to doubling your closet space is to sort through your things and see what you can live without. It’ll help in the long-run! Besides, you don’t have to say goodbye forever. You can store some of your off-season clothes with UrBin Storage. They’ll come to you!

  1. Double Clothes Hangers

Create double clothes hangers with can tabs and you’ve already doubled your closet space. We encourage you to read on anyways.

  1. Basket Storage

Double Your Closet Space With These Clever Hacks

Hang baskets on the inside of your closet door for extra storage: hats, scarves, bags, anything that doesn’t have a permanent place yet.

  1. Mobile Laundry Station

Stop taking up precious closet space with multiple laundry baskets and create this DIY Mobile Laundry Station instead.

  1. Make Your Closet Door Do Double Duty

Double Your Closet Space With These Clever Hacks

Use the inside of your closet door for storage and put a mirror on the outside. The mirror will add more dimension to your room, and putting it on your closet door saves space!

  1. Get a Handy Closet Organizing System

Go all out and get a closet organizing system. It’s a whole closet makeover in one step! Ikea has a bunch of different kinds—something for every size closet, even the tiniest!

  1. Get a Shoe Rack

Get a shoe rack and stack your shoes vertically. It’ll save you space AND it will be easier to pick out a pair!

Bathroom/Linen Closet

  1. Bins and Baskets

Double Your Closet Space With These Clever Hacks

The easiest way to clean up any closet space? Bins and baskets. Any time you see storage baskets on sale, grab some. They always come in handy.

  1. Plastic Drawers

    Double Your Closet Space With These Clever Hacks

Sure, they’re not glamorous. But they make up for it in their functionality! Stick a small set of plastic drawers in your bathroom or linen closet and use it to store small personal items to take care of clutter.

  1. Closet Pharmacy

Use one of those plastic drawer sets to condense all of your meds and first aid supplies into one spot. Label your drawers for extra ease!

Utility Closet

  1. Over-the-Door Storage

Use an over-the-door shoe rack to store cleaning supplies and free up your shelves. Talk about clever!

  1. Paper Towel Storage

Use a hanging closet organizer to store paper towels and bath tissue rather than stacking the packages up on the floor, and you’ll have more storage space for larger items, like your vacuum.

  1. Gift Wrap Storage

Gift wrap can be a pain to store properly. That’s where the ever useful plastic drawer set comes in again! Organize your supplies into tags, tissue, bows, wrap, and bags, and resist the urge to just shove everything in the back of the closet after every holiday.

Whew! That wasn’t so bad was it? Now that your closets are organized you can finally relax.

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