“I can’t speak highly enough to the convenience of urBin storage. It is super-fast and easy to request a drop off and pick up online. I know my things are safe, locking their box myself. The drivers are friendly and professional. I will never spend another Saturday renting a car to go to a dismal storage facility. I needed this service and you probably do too.”

“Recently married, my Husband and I moved into our first apartment together. Instead of being overly excited, we were overwhelmed and overcrowded with stuff in an already small apartment. In the process of searching for a storage facility, a colleague recommended urBin. The website is so simple to use. We scheduled a Royal Plan delivery, and pick up and by the end of the weekend our apartment was clean and livable. We highly recommend this easy and very professional service.”

“The most surprising (and pleasant) thing about urBin is how simple yet innovative it is. I have lived in Hoboken for 4+ years now, and this is exactly what I have needed to reduce all the stress that comes with tiny apts and minimal closet space. The anxiety/angst/stress over putting away stuff I won’t use during different seasons (from thick winter gear and thick jackets to summer sports stuff to random garbage that I should throw away but never do and just keep around endlessly!) is alleviated by this interesting company. I always knew there were plenty of storage options out there, I see the billboards all the time. But it seems like they’re too hard to use — I have to pack the stuff, take it downstairs, find some sort of transportation (I guess a cab if I don’t have too much? but if I have a few boxes do I do multiple trips? or do I rent a van? –> STRESS!) and then store it, only to go through some similar routine when I need my stuff back in my apt. I just avoid that whole thing. I like that urBin has trendy little containers, they pick everything up AT MY APT, and take care of the whole process for me. And, quickly bring back whatever I need whenever that time comes. I mean, it’s that simple. Why hasn’t urBin been around forever?! Love using these guys, all cities need this!”

“I never used traditional storage before because it was too expensive, too far and not worth my trouble. I just had my winter clothes, boots and skis picked up by a urBin “guy” and my apartment and closet feel cleaner and bigger already. Looking forward to using this service every season.”

“I work for Liberty Realty in Hoboken, NJ & today David came in to pitch this awesome idea with our company. Anytime someone comes into your office to pitch another company, everyone usually moans and goes back to their computer screen. David was so impressive and professional everyone in the office caught interest immediately. We already have agents that are going to be using this service as it is extremely convenient especially in this area. We hope urBin the best & you’ll be hearing from us soon!”

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