Referral Program

Join our referral program and get rewarded

Terms and Conditions

  • 1) Only new customers are eligible to be referrals
  • 2) Referral credit is due after your referral moves into storage. If they receive a quote but do not book the service, referral credit is not due
  • 3) Referrers are eligible for one $25 credit for every referral who books with us
  • 4) Only referrals submitted via the online referral form are eligible for credit
  • 5) Referral submission must happen before your referral contacts us for a quote
  • 6) Referral credit cannot be claimed for an existing quote/order.
  • 7) If a referral form was submitted but the (new) customer had already received a quote from us, the referral credit will not be rewarded.
  • 8) Referral fee of $25 will be credited to your storage account within two weeks of your referral's move into storage.

Referral Form

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