No pre-set plans

Unlike traditional storage companies we do not charge for the predefined storage space, instead you pay for the exact items you store.


No long-term contracts

We do not lock our customers into long-term contracts. Choose how long you would like to store for, and that is exactly what you would pay.


No price hikes

We are always open and upfront with our prices. No matter how long you store with us, we never increase the storage price over time.

We Are Cheaper Than Our Competitors

Here is a list frequently stored items with their prices:

Our large bin can fit contents of three standard storage bins.

Other Companies$59/mo

One large bin, set of golf clubs and a bicycle.

Other Companies$79/mo

A couch, two dining chairs, flat-screen TV, a desk and two bins.

Other Companies$149/mo

*Pick-up and delivery fees are not included in this estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the delivery charged?

Delivery is charged one business day before the delivery day.

Furniture delivery price depends on the total number of items being delivered at a time; the most you will pay is $200+tax. For example, you have your entire apartment stored with us, if you want everything delivered, your delivery fee will be $200 +tax. But If you only need a couple boxes this time, your delivery will be $50+tax.

Bin Delivery is $25+$10/per bin plus tax if you are storing for less than 6 months, and $25 plus tax flat for any number of bins if you are storing for six months or longer.

What's the pick up fee?

Furniture pick up: We offer a flat pick up fee of $100+ tax. If you store for six months or longer, your pick up fee will be refunded or applied to your delivery fee, after you have stayed in storage for six months. If we're picking up from a building with no elevator, there will be a stair charge added to the total pickup fee. Stair fee is calculated based on the size of your order and number of flights we need to climb. For example, if you live on the third floor with no elevator access, and you need us to pick up a sofa, your total pickup fee will be $100 + $15 (stair fee) = $115+ tax.

Bin pick up is $25 + $10 + tax per bin if you are storing for less than six months. If you are storing for six months or longer the pick up fee will be refunded or applied to your delivery after you spend six months in storage.

How is monthly storage cost calculated?

Instead of offering you some pre-defined storage space that never gets completely filled we calculate your monthly storage cost on a per-item basis. In other words, we take a full list of your items, calculate the storage space they take up in our storage facility and quote you exactly on that. In addition, your price depends on the duration of your storage term, the longer you store the lower your monthly cost.

Are there any other fees?

Most of the additional fees are associated with the pick up or delivery. The most frequent additional fee is a Stair Fee. If your building doesn't have elevator access and you live on the second floor or higher, there will be a per-flight stair fee based on the total volume of your order. Other additional fees that may apply are assembly and disassembly (if requested), packing (if requested), and mileage (if your address is outside of our standard service area).

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"Very simple and easy process for storing extra stuff. Dropoff and pickup of bins was timely, you pick a window and they send you a text when they're on the way."
David K.
New York, NY
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"My dining table and chairs were moved to and from storage several times, always wrapped, never a scratch. Overall, i'm very happy with the service and will be using them again!"
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