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Packing Tips

With urBin, storage is easy!

We’ve created this list of urBin organizational tactics so that you can get the most out of your storage:

  1. Storage is great for anything and everything – you can use urBin to store clothes, furniture, sporting equipment, books, holiday decorations, school supplies, shoes, kids’ gear, tools, kitchen supplies, AC units, sheets and towels or whatever else you can imagine!
  2. We promise 100% guarantee – if you are not 100% satisfied with your storage, we will return your things or move you to another storage facility no questions asked. Our customers’ satisfaction is very important to us. We work hard to to be the most customer-centric storage company.
  3. Fill urBin all the way up – unlike normal self-storage where you can never use all of your space, we want you to fill your bins to the brim. We don’t like to waste space or waste your money : )
  4. Place your heaviest items at the bottom – sounds like a no-brainer, but important if you want to avoid crushing your prized possessions. Don’t throw things in your bins without a plan in mind.
  5. Fill excess space with foam – use foam packing peanuts, bubble tape or bunched up newspaper to fill any excess space in your bins. We want to ensure your possessions are secure.
  6. Label, label, label – this is key for quick identification of what’s inside your bins. We provide label stickers directly on the bins to make it easy.
  7. The urBin website makes organizing simple – on our website you can easily add a name and description for each bin, so you will never wonder “where the heck is that _________?”
  8. Incredibly convenient deliveries and pickups – we want you to relax, while we do the work. We deliver seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  9. Make sure you’re not storing any prohibited items – double-check the prohibited item list here before you finish packing. The rules are there for a reason; it’s not worth the potential risks.
  10. Tell your friends about urBin – if your happy with urBin, do us a favor, and tell your friends or share your experience on social media platforms: Like us on Facebook and follow our Instagram and Twitter.  We would really appreciate it!