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All our quotes are on a per-item basis. Simply click here to GET AN INSTANT QUOTE ONLINE. If you have any questions, you can text us at (212) 390-5454 for a quick response from our storage expert. Rest assured, you will only pay for what you store with us.


No heavy lifting for our clients! We come to your home directly to pick up your stuff and then carefully and safely transport them. If you need our convenient, large, wheeled bins, we can leave them a few days prior to pickup.



The professionals from urBin arrive and pick up your belongings right from your home. Once there, urBin carefully holds your items in our secure storage facility located in New Jersey. The facility has 24/7 surveillance and no public access.


urBin professionals conveniently deliver your items back to you. You can easily make your arrangements through your online account, by texting 212-390-5454 or via email support@urbinstorage.com. And we can return your items back to you within 48 hours.


Simple, Easy & Cost-Effective