Think romance. Think pink florals, lace, and embellished everything. Think glass conservatories and libraries stacked to the ceiling with leather-bound books. Dreamy, right? The Victorians appreciated beauty and knowledge, and it showed in the way they decorated their homes.

Victorians crammed their homes full of architecture and furniture to showcase their wealth and prosperity, and to showcase new personal interests at the same time. They focused on warm, subdued colors like walnut and mahogany browns, and piled up heavily on the fabrics. They chose complex patterns for their walls, rugs, and furnishings, and often decorated in excess.

Victorian design is the polar opposite to modern contemporary design, but that’s why it’s so beautiful. Our fascination with minimalism directly contrasts with the Victorian’s need to express themselves. The colors and patterns they used are strikingly beautiful. Ready to feel inspired?

Check out these Victorian vibes:

  1. Tiled Ceiling

Victorian Vibes

This tiled ceiling has us swooning. Imagine lying down and gazing up at artwork above you. That was the life of a Victorian. You can get the look with these faux tin ceiling tiles.

  1. Flowers in a Jar

This one is easy. Take some large pink flowers (they don’t have to be real—check your local craft store,) and stick them in a glass jar.

  1. Candlelit Fireplace

Victorian Vibes

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, but you’re not particularly keen on gathering wood and actually starting one, you could always fill it with luminous candles and candelabras for this vintage mood-setter.

  1. Lace Wall Stencil

Victorian Vibes

Lace might just be the defining feature of Victorian design—it’s just not the same without it. This wall stencil draws just the right amount of attention. And the colors are gorgeous.

  1. Go Modern Victorian

Not ready to fully commit to Victorian design? We get you. This modern Victorian is as elegant as any Victorian living room, and it’s simple.

  1. Tiered Victorian Tray

Victorian Vibes

This display would be great for entertaining guests. Or you could just set it up in your parlor for the occasional visitor. Serve pastries with tea.

  1. Victorian Light Switch Cover

Victorian Vibes

Ok, so they wouldn’t have had these, but we’re glad we do.

  1. Floral Doorknob with Victorian Rose

It’s the little things that matter—seriously. The Victorians prided themselves on detail. These floral doorknobs would give your home that authentic Victorian feel.

  1. Victorian Claw Foot Tub

Imagine soaking in one of these surrounding by floating rose petals. Sounds like a Victorian heaven.

  1. Floral Kitchen Tiles

Victorian Vibes

Floral everything, from top to bottom. Those boots look rather Victorian as well.

  1. French Doors

Wouldn’t you love to wake up in the morning, draw back the curtains, and open up a set of French doors to let in the fresh spring breeze? We would.

  1. Victorian Gallery Wall

Remember what we said about decorating in excess? Now this looks like a true Victorian wall.

  1. Victorian Furniture

Victorian Vibes

This gorgeous antique Victorian chair looks like the kind you’d sit down for a cup of afternoon tea in…

  1. Victorian Tea Set

Speaking of tea, this Victorian tea set is rather inspiring. When did tea parties become a children’s game? Let’s bring it back.

  1. Chandelier

Elegant, sophisticated, and extravagant: the Victorian way.

Which of these inspires you the most? All of them? Like a true Victorian.

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