We’re usually all for getting more space and decluttering here at urBin, but there’s one exception that we don’t mind seeing stuffed to the brim: your wallet.  To save you some cash, here are a few pointers from our fleet of UrBin Storage drivers on mastering a money-saving strategy you might not have heard of; the art of hypermiling. With gas at more than $3.70 a gallon (and that’s for the bargain basement stuff, not the gold-infused “super” that fancy people in Porsche’s buy) your wallet can get spacey pretty quickly. Living in the city is pricy enough already. This is where hypermiling comes in. By being a bit more midful of how you drive and making the most efficient use of what you’ve already got in the tank, you can give your car’s MPG a significant bump and visit those gas stations a lot less often. They’re getting harder and harder to find these days  anyway. Here are five ways to go the distance:

Take it easy on the gas pedal.  There’s no need to mash on the gas every time you take off from a red light or stop sign.   This isn’t the Indy 500, its Lafayette St.  Go gently on the gas on take off.  You’re ability to accelerate is limited by your engine’s torque.  Throwing more gas at the situation isn’t going to get you there faster, you’ll also just make more noise and get caught at the next light if you haven’t gotten the hang of surfing from our last driving guide.

Tailgaters are like the automotive equivalent of paparazzi – always stalkin’.  No one likes a tailgater, so here’s yet another reason not to do it.  Always being up someone’s bumper means your constantly tapping the brakes and then accelerating again.  Getting up to speed uses more fuel than staying at speed.  Back of the guy in front of you a bit, get some breathing space and then keep a constant speed.

Look further down the road.  If you’re focused on just the car in front of you, you’re going to do everything they do, and chances are, they’re a bad driver.  Look further down the road to see what’s going on.  This allows you to switch lanes or make small adjustments to your path to avoid slowing down and then having to get back on the gas. Because when it comes to hypermiling you want to maintain a steady speed as much as possible.

Time the lights . There no point in doing a drag racing from light to light.  Weasel your way up to the front of a light if possible, then take it gradually.  Time your approach to the intersection with the changing of the lights.  This way you don’t really have to break at all.

Don’t go get a Prius.  Those things are so ugly.  Remember that it’s not what you drive, it’s how you drive it.  A thoughtful driver in a super car can get better MPG than a dolt in a Prius.  So stay stylish and Hypermile that whip.

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