One of the great things about living in the city that never sleeps is that you can get just about anything delivered. And we mean ANYTHING. Sure you can already get things as weird and unusual as a 55 gallon drum of lube delivered through Amazon, but using a national delivery company like UPS to do the heavy lifting doesn’t count. Let’s keep things local.

We’ve already got storage space brought to your door covered at urBin, so here are a few other things you never would have thought to tip the delivery guy for bringing to you.


If you’ve ever spent some time in the South and come across a drive-through liquor store (yes they exist), you’ll be glad to hear that there’s a more sensible option that doesn’t invite drinking and driving. Aptly named, Booze Carraige boasts that they can get your to your door with your order in 30-60 minutes. Delivery is free and the company doesn’t hit you with a markup like similar services. Be sure to tip the delivery guy the next time you get saved from having to make a beer run.

Christmas Trees

Why schlep a Christmas tree with you on the subway during the holidays when you can just have a fresh tree delivered right to your door? Over the years there have been a handful of businesses to pop up and offer this service in the city, and 2013 saw NYC Trees take the headlines on this front. Along with making Christmas tree shopping in the city a lot easier, the company provided complimentary delivery, installation and a stand for every online order

A Karaoke Machine

Want to get your guests singing at your next get together but can’t justify actually owning a karaoke machine yourself? Not a problem. A company called Karaoke Champ can bring all the equipment that you need right to your door on the same day you place an order. They cover all of NYC and service the surrounding areas for an additional fee.

The Local Convenience Store

Cough syrup, toiletries, cigarettes, DVD’s and groceries. There are quite a few services offering to deliver you your groceries like FreshDirect or, but your mileage will vary between them. One service that caught our attention is Max Delivery. Getting you away from all those impulse buys at the register, you can have just about anything you’d need from a convenience store  in under an hour if you happen to be below 34th Street on the west side of Manhattan and 26th Street on the east.

The Spa

Though booking a massage appointment at home is nothing new in the city, there’s now a social network and accompanying app solution to to make the whole process a lot easier. help you find the masseuse that’s right for you called . Launched last year, Zeel has been described as” the Uber for tense muscles.” For now, the service is only available to the NYC metro area.

A Classic Car

Not for your everyday New Yorker, but probably the coolest thing on this list. If you’re a member of the Classic Car Club Manhattan, you walk out your door and have a 1955 550 Porsche Spyder waiting for you take it for a spin. Just above the Holland Tunnel, you can get a classic or more modern exotic on the open road in just a few minutes.

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