The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning: 8 Tips on De-cluttering your Home

If the words, “spring cleaning,” make you want to crawl back into your hole for another six weeks of winter, take a deep breath. We promise it’s not as painful as you may think. In fact, it might even be a little fun. Hard to believe, we know. We’re hoping these eight tips on de-cluttering your home make things a little more bearable for you.


Spring-cleaning can be a pretty big project, especially if you’ve had a busy winter and, (understandably,) let some things fall by the wayside. And how do we tackle large projects? We stay organized. Think about what rooms in your home need the most attention and make those your first priority. Focus on one room and one small project at a time. In your bedroom, sort through one dresser drawer at a time. In your office, organize one shelf or one stack of papers at a time. Spring cleaning is best conquered in bite-sized pieces.


Determine what you absolutely don’t need anymore. Be honest with yourself about this—should you really hang onto that ugly Christmas sweater from 2012’s holiday office party? (Probably not.) Ask yourself, do I really love this item? Does it serve a purpose? Could I live without it? Once you’ve chosen the items you are saying goodbye to, decide what you’re going to do with them. Place your discarded items in separate bags for “garbage,” “donation,” and “storage.” If you don’t have a ton of storage space, consider using a service like UrBin Storage. Just sign up online, and we’ll come to you. When you’re ready, your valuables will return to you with one click.


As you are determining which items to purge from your home, make sure you stay organized, so you’re not creating an even bigger mess. Put the belongings in question into piles, like “keep,” “move,” “donate,” “storage,” “garbage,” and maybe even “sell.”  This way, when you’re ready to put your items away, you’ll already know what you’re doing with everything.


Now that you’ve purged and sorted, you’re ready to put the pieces back together. Create a system of organization that you can easily maintain. Make sure each item you’ve decided to keep has a designated place in your home. Look up some tips on organization and make yourself a promise to stick to it!

Get creative

Now would be a great time to look up some home improvement projects online, or to finally start on any projects you’ve been putting off. Spring is a time to start fresh, and with de-cluttering comes a chance to recreate your space. Paint your coffee table, put up those shelves you have tucked away in your closet, and hang some artwork.

Make your space yours again

When you’re busy your home can become more of a landing pad than a comfortable space to call your own. How do you define “home?” Change up the lighting in your living room so it’s more relaxing. Frame some photographs and hang them on your wall, or display them on those shelves you finally put up. Buy some plants. Do whatever you can to make yourself feel at ease in your freshly de-cluttered home.

Throw a party

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning: 8 Tips on De-cluttering your Home

All of that spring-cleaning was hard work! You deserve to celebrate, and what better time, now that your home is de-cluttered and re-organized? Show off your home improvement projects and invite loved ones to share your beautiful space with you. Check out our post on how to throw a St. Patty’s Day party in a small space.


The final and most important step in de-cluttering your home is to keep it de-cluttered. Try not to purchase things you don’t need, and keep your apartment organized all year round. That way, when spring rolls around again, you won’t have to do so much work!

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