With the first stage of the World Cup about to come to a head (GO USMNT!) here’s a few things that we’re glad to see put away into storage for this year’s tournament.



Anyone who caught a World Cup match in 2010 will remember this symbol of South African football. These noisemakers (and that’s putting it lightly) were a distinctive part of the previous tournament, and caused its fair share of controversy with many people calling to have them banned outright. The noise these things made were so loud that it was often the only thing heard during several TV and radio broadcasts of the matches.


This entry was going to have a bit more info on how this sort of behaviour wasn’t going to be seen in this year’s tournament, but then the Italy vs Uruguay match played out… Lets hope that nothing like that happens again for the rest of the Tournament.

The American Hate for the Sport


Us Americans are a stubborn (but undeniably awesome) bunch. We’re one of the few countries in the world to drive on the right side and vehemently refuse to adopt to the metric system. That said, we at least seem to be starting to warm up to the rest of the world’s preferred sport. Major League Soccer viewership is growing and cities like New York and Seattle are becoming real hubs for the fans of the sport. Just try counting how many bars around town have some sort of World Cup promotion going on.

**Bonus tip for anyone looking to startup some small talk on the World Cup**

Just ask if they saw that ludicrous display last night. There are matches going on just about everyday until the final. Anyone who gets this reference is cool in our books.

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