This Week’s Featured User: Emma Sklar

Emma Sklar pic

Just because she’s featured user número dos, don’t think for a minute that Emma Sklar plays second fiddle to anyone.  Emma moved to Brooklyn in the summer of 2012 and in her first month, Emma slept on four different bed!  Emma moved to Queens and back to Brooklyn and is starting to develop roots.  A decision that has paid off for her.  In her own words “By summer I was confident, happy, and secure in my situation in life.”  Well Emma, our lids are off to you.

Emma enjoys blogging, sharing her thoughts ranging from dating to her love of Harry Connick Jr.  Check it out.


This Week’s Featured User: Jenna Torres

  Jenna Torres

How much do we love our first feature user Jenna Torres? So much we’d need 2 bins! A talented NYC native, Jenna is usually described as a cross between Sheryl Crow, Dolly Parton, and a female version of Bruce Springsteen. For a city girl, she get’s her country chops from the simple idea that a city packed with over 8 million people is the real heartland.

In her own words she says that, “everyday I am surrounded by 8 million hearts and 8 million stories. It’s an inspiring place to write songs.” Check out her latest music.


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Tips for Putting Your Car in Storage

If you’ve read a few of our earlier posts, you’ll know that we’re pretty big car guys. There are a lot of nuances to owning a car, and long term storage (a stay longer than 3 weeks) is no exception. Putting a car away isn’t as easy as tossing that winter parka into one of our bins, so take read over a few quick tips on car storage so that you don’t come back to a ride with a dead battery and a rats nest under the hood. Continue reading “Tips for Putting Your Car in Storage”

The difference between storage and a safety deposit box? Not much actually.

When you boil it all down, a safety deposit box is really just a secure place for you to put away your valuables. You head over to a bank, pay a monthly fee, and lock your stuff away into a space that only you have access to. Sounds awfully similar to something else doesn’t it? Continue reading “The difference between storage and a safety deposit box? Not much actually.”

WSJ describes the blights of Storage

WSJ describes the blights of Storage

The Wall Street Journal reports that consumers don’t like looking at storage facilities nearby, although they do want to use them! urBin to the rescue.

From the article:

“Self-storage facilities are springing up around the country amid a supply shortage and strong demand from families, cramped city-dwellers and college students.”

“Local zoning boards and town councils don’t like self-storage warehouses because they pay little in property taxes, don’t hire many workers and typically are bulky, windowless eyesores.”

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