Money Saving Strategies for Furnishing Your Small Apartment

Money Saving Strategies for Furnishing Your Small Apartment

If you’re short on cash and don’t have a lot of space to spare in your small apartment or loft, you’re not alone. All you have to do to improve your living situation is get creative. For very little money, you can significantly increase the amount of space you have in your residence. The following list of hacks require little effort to complete and use things that you most likely already own.

Use Kitchen Storage Items for Other Things

Do you have a kitchen lid rack collecting dust? Use it to organize clutch purses. The slots are the perfect size for small, handheld bags.

A spice rack that hangs on the wall is perfect for holding small bottles of essential oil or nail polish. Place it in a bathroom or bedroom for easy access. You can fit nearly 10 small bottles of product on each shelf.

Make Velcro Your Go-To Tool of Choice

Velcro items to the inside of cabinets. This is a great way to keep track of remote controls and video game controllers. It keeps them where you can get to them easily.

Decorate walls with strips of colored Velcro and attach your favorite mementos to walls for a unique way to display your collections. Even the smallest trinkets get noticed when you have them up on the wall for other people to see. Choose a theme and organize your belongings according to the space you designated for them.

Magnets and Magnetic Strips Work Magic

From keeping kitchen knives available to preventing a small pair of tweezers from getting lost in the shuffle, magnets and magnetic strips are magic. They secure metal items in place so you can find them easily. Attach a strip to the wall above your countertop or stove and use magnetic spice jars to keep your favorite herbs and spices within arm’s reach.

Attach tweezers, fingernail and toenail clippers to the inside of a medicine cabinet with ease. You don’t need to glue the magnet in place if the surface of the cabinet is metal. This helps you move out of the apartment with ease because you’re not stuck removing the adhered magnet.

Use Shoe Bags for Things Other Than Shoes

The over-the-door variety of shoe bags are perfect for keeping other items tucked away. For example, some are large enough to accommodate rolls of paper towels. Others have individual pockets which are great for keeping small items safe and secure.

If you have a lot of doors in your apartment or loft, use two shoe bags. Hang one on each side of the door for dual storage. Use them to organize toiletries, craft supplies, and even tools like hammers, nails, and screws.

Shower Curtain Rings Hold Many Things

From scarves to baseball hats, shower curtain rings hold a number of items. Simply slip 10 onto a hanger and organize your accessories based on color or the amount of wear that they get. You can even house belts this way as long as you make sure that the rings are completely closed before putting the hanger away.

You can also use them for hair elastics, to hold purses, and to secure baskets to the inside of the shower. All you need is a second shower curtain rod and an additional set of shower curtain rings. You’ll have your shampoos, body washes, and shaving creams right where you need them.

If you have things that you don’t have space for after hacking your apartment, don’t worry. You can easily store these items with urBin Storage. It doesn’t cost much for a storage bin and you’re able to retrieve your items whenever you want by requesting them. You don’t have to travel to a storage unit or warehouse, either, because we bring your belongings to you.


Recycled Storage Container Ideas

Recycled Storage Container Ideas

If you’re environmentally conscious and on a budget, you can transform average household recyclables into beautiful storage container ideas. It won’t cost you much other than the time it takes to make said items, and it enhances your living space by giving you more storage solutions than you had before. If you’re not afraid to use a glue gun and want to make your new space more comfortable, follow the suggestions below for some fun DIY projects.

Recycling Throw Away Objects into Something Spectacular

Here are five recycled storage container ideas for you to make for your small apartment or loft:

Coffee Can and Spice Tin Containers. Drill a hole in these and mount them to the wall. House small items from your office such as paperclips, staples, and brads in each container. You can even use the cans and tins for plants if you drill drainage holes in the bottom. Make sure to put a mat underneath the containers to prevent water from damaging your floors and countertops.

Cereal Box Magazine Holders. Convert cereal boxes into beautiful holders with a pair of scissors and some scrapbook paper. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re able to make this project and just how helpful it is in getting you organized.

Shutter Door Turned Organizer. Find an old shutter door on the curb or at a yard sale and convert it into an organizer for photos, arts, and keys. The slots in the door make the perfect place to house various items. You can attach the door to a wall and remove it easily if you decide to move out of the apartment or loft that you’re in. If you don’t like the color of the door, paint it and create an interesting conversation piece for your home.

Rake Jewelry Organizer. Remove the handle from the rake and hang the metal piece on the wall. Use the ‘teeth’ of the rake as hangers for necklaces and bracelets. It’s a unique and memorable way to organize accessories.

Dish Drainer File Organizer. Organize your files using a dish drainer. Its slots are the perfect size for holding folders and various pieces of paper. Best of all, it fits neatly underneath a desk or shelf, giving you ample room to store your important documents.

You can get a lot of ideas for craft projects from the internet. Before you buy something and throw it away, ask if you can find another use for it. Think of how it can help increase the amount of storage in your residence.

If you cannot possibly find a way to use it, see if it is recyclable. As a last resort, throw it away. You don’t want your tiny space to be clutter with half-finished recycling projects.

Reduce the Amount of Trash You Throw Away

According to, the average person creates over four pounds of garbage a day. That’s a whopping 1.5 tons of waste per year! Even more alarming is the fact that 75% of the American waste stream is completely recyclable and only 30% is actually recycled. Recycle and reuse and give your stuff a new lease on life!


Rent a Storage Bin for the Items You Can’t Store in Your Home

Still don’t have enough room for your stuff? Don’t worry! urBin Storage has you covered with a range of storage solutions to meet your needs. Contact us for more information and to receive a price quote for large storage units.

Upcycle Your Way to a More Organized Living Space


Upcycle Your Way to a More Organized Living Space

So, you’re big on reducing, reusing, and recycling the items you buy. That’s a great way to take control of your finances and your carbon footprint! Every time you make the decision to reuse something that you already own, you’re keeping valuable items from entering the landfill.

This environmentally-sound practice doesn’t need to take up a lot of space in your small apartment. With a little imagination and these ideas from tiny space decorating expert, Design Sponge, you can give your old belongings a new lease on life by upcycling them.

Here’s how you use what you have on hand to create a more organized living space for you and the other occupants in your apartment or loft:

  • Remove the front pieces off of dresser drawers and use the drawer pulls to hang items like scarves and necklaces.

    Attach the pieces of wood to the wall and increase the amount of storage you have available quickly and easily. Use the ‘hooks’ to organize items so that you see them and use them unlike you were able to before.

  • Make a corner shelf with a magazine holder.

    Flip it on its side, screw it into the wall so that it’s nice and secure, and voila, you’ve got a place to stash and display items. Don’t underestimate the power of using wall space correctly. It provides you with ample space to show off your favorite art, photographs, and mementos.

  • Take leftover pipe and affix it to a wheeled board.

    You’ll have a portable coat rack that you can move to an area of your apartment or loft when it’s not being used. Use it to keep bulkier items out of the way. It’s a great place to keep coats and sweaters once you’ve taken them out of storage.

  • Use shoe holders to contain smaller items.

    Shoe holders with pockets make it easy to keep track of the smallest items in your apartment or loft. Make sure to put one in every room for easy access. When you need to get something, you pull it out of the pocket and use it. Just remember to put it back right away so you always know where things are when you need them.

  • Use a wall-mounted wire to creatively store and display ties.

    Create a piece of wall art while you sort, hang, organize, and display all of the fantastic ties you own. You can do the same with scarves. Arrange them by color or pattern for a fast way to wow your family and friends.

Start seeing your living space in a different light. You’ve got more room than you imagined. You just need to be creative in the way you store and display items inside your apartment or loft.

If you can’t find space for everything you own, you’re not alone. The need for safe, monitored storage options existed strongly in the city. That’s where urBin Storage comes in.

We provide convenient options for storing your stuff. Our temperature-controlled storage units can be monitored day and night. Best of all, we’ll bring your storage bins to you and pick them up from you whenever you need us to which saves you time, money, and the frustration of traveling in traffic to our storage facility.

If you upcycle something and realize it’s too large or cumbersome to use in your current dwelling, never fear! Urbin Storage provides you with the perfect sized storage bin to accommodate your needs. If you find that an item is larger than the container provided to you for $24 a month, request a custom quote for the object in question. We offer larger storage solutions for customers that need them.

NYC Studio Apartment Living: To Divide or Not to Divide

Divide a Studio Apartment into Multiple Rooms

So you’ve got a large studio apartment in NYC that is void of walls. How do you create clearly defined areas when you have no physical boundaries indicating where the front room, kitchen, and bedroom should be? One of the easiest things to do to make the most of your space is to create a floor plan prior to moving in. When drawing it out on paper, don’t forget to include doors, too!

Determine Which Area of the Apartment Will Be Used for What

Refer to the layout and decide how each area of the studio will be used. If you’re living alone, it’s easier than when you’re living with roommates. They, too, will have ideas on how to best use the space so keep that in mind. If you do live by yourself, ask what rooms are necessary for you to survive and thrive.

What Types of Rooms Do You Need to Be Happy?

You may need to have a dedicated office space for working. You may prefer to set up an area of the apartment for painting or working on craft project. Almost everyone wants a dedicated space to entertain. If you’re a foodie, you may want to extend your kitchen area and have it include a pantry filled with your favorite foods and spices.

Create Walls Using Bookshelves

Go tall to create the illusion of extra space. Look for bookcases that have no backing. This gives the space more depth and dimension. You can store a number of things on the shelves of a bookcase. Besides books, consider housing figurines, vases, and plants.

Use Curtains to Block Off Areas

Keep your sleeping area semi-private with curtains. Add a rod and material in a weight and color of your choice. Assemble the curtain in a way that it’s easy to take down when you move. You don’t want to be charged for permanently fixing a curtain rod into the walls of your rented studio apartment.

Give Each Space Its Own Color

Spruce up your space by giving each area its own color. This helps create a sense of flow in your apartment. It also makes it easy to determine which area is the living room and which area you write music in. Use colors that complement one another for a seamless look that flows well from each space to the next.

Create a Floating Closet

Brit+Co suggests using furniture to create small, organized groups within your studio. You can also use rugs, and lamps to separate areas of your residence. A floating closet is a great way to add storage to an open space without boxing it in. You can use the space above and below for addition items such as hats and shoes.

If You Don’t Have Room for It, Put It in Storage

You’ve got options for all of the items you can’t conveniently store inside your studio apartment. urBin Storage offers solutions to meet your needs no matter how small or large they may be. A storage bin may be all that is required to store your belongings safely and securely. If you need larger storage space, contact us for a quote right away.

Reassess What You Have in Your Studio Apartment

Knowing how to make the most of your studio apartment helps you contain your items better. By dividing your space into multiple rooms, you’re better able to assess how much room you have for the things that you own. If you run out of space, you can easily store what you don’t need right away. A temperature-controlled atmosphere protects your items from damage such as moisture and mildew.


How to Organize Your Apartment Without the Help of a Professional


You don’t need to hire a professional organizer to help you make better use of your small apartment or loft. In fact, there are some things you can do right now to take care of clutter once and for all. If you need help getting things in order, start applying these five tips right away for a cleaner and clearer living environment.

Stop Attaching Sentimental Value to Objects

Although certain items evoke emotions from you by reminding you of the past, they are not of value. What is valuable is your memories of the time you spent somewhere and the people you spent time with. The items themselves do not represent the experience or the emotion behind the relationships you’ve developed over the years.

Own things that make you happy and serve a purpose in your life. Do not hang onto trinkets because you think they’re worth something to someone else. Only keep what you know you’ll use, appreciate, and display.

Start Seeing Items with More Than One Use as Being Valuable

If an item can be used in more than one way, it’s more valuable than single use items. Start investing in items that are convertible, adaptable, and can be used to get more than one job done. This will help eliminate the need for multiple items and keep clutter minimal.

Business Insider notes that common household items can be used in many different ways. For example, vinegar can be used to cook with, clean with, and even makes your dog’s coat shine. Find products that give you the most bang for your buck so you don’t have to keep multiple items on hand.

Don’t Waste Precious Real Estate with a Poor Layout

Think of how you can make the best use of every square inch of your apartment or loft. See the floor, walls, and ceiling as opportunities to display items. Be unconventional in your thought process and see how much space you create for yourself by creatively using what you have in new ways.

Think of items that are compact and collapsible as being valuable. Invest in items that hang so you can make the most of the space you have. Slide things under beds and sofas so that you can retrieve them easily in the future.

Put Things Away Immediately to Avoid Clutter

The way to make small space living work is to make sure that everything has its place. Then, when you use it, you put it away right away. This keeps big piles of clutter from creating chaos in your life.

The Santa Barbara Independent says making a game out of organizing helps. This applies to children and adults. Give yourself a time limit for putting things away, crank up the music, and get busy sorting and organizing.

Go on a Spending Freeze for One Month

Stop buying things you don’t need. Start finding other ways to acquire things without owning them. Borrow whenever you can and invest your money in items that last a long time, have dual purposes, and are things that you love and need.

Take a break from spending. Only buy necessities for a month and see how it changes your perspective about stuff. Research big ticket purchases before making them so you can get the best deal. Invest in quality over quantity.

If these tips don’t help you gain order in your apartment without the help of a professional, look into storage options for the items you want to keep. Urbin Storage offers affordable solutions for your belongings. Best of all, we bring your storage bins to you whenever you request them so that you don’t have to travel to retrieve them.


Maximize Storage Space in Small Bathrooms

Maximize Storage Space in Small Bathrooms

A small bathroom doesn’t have to be an imposition. There are many storage options that you haven’t thought of yet. By reevaluating your small space layout, you’ll find solutions that work for you no matter how few of square feet you have to work with. By moving things around and giving objects dual purposes, you increase the amount of space that you have in your apartment.

Here are some tips that make small bathroom storage effortless:

  • Use shelves, racks, and hooks on walls and doors.

    Apartment Therapy suggests placing a shelf above your sink that holds everything that you use on a daily basis. Instead of leaving a lot of negative space on walls, strategically place racks and hooks in a way that they look artistic when empty but hold what you need so you can access them easily. This is a great way to store towels, robes, and toiletries. It makes the items readily available but keeps them from becoming an eyesore because of the way that they are arranged.

  • Place baskets and bins on shelves and in cabinets to keep clutter minimal.

    Rather than rely on memory to find the things you need to get ready for work or bed, trust that the objects are right where you can find them thanks to the organization solutions you’ve chosen. You’ll maximize every nook and cranny’s worth of space in your bathroom this way and never experience a lost tube of lip balm or razor blade again.

  • Use jars to increase the amount of small item storage you have.

    Mount the lid of a jar to the bottom of your cabinets. Fill the jar with things like cotton balls and cotton swaps. Screw the jars to the mounted lids so you can monitor the contents and refill them as often as necessary. In addition to being practical, jars look nice in every bathroom. They’re easy to find and come in options other than clear, too. Jars range in size from small to large, making it easy to close up empty spaces and store your bathroom essentials.

  • Make sure to use the space above the toilet, too.

    Houzz suggests using a stone or wood slab to extend the countertop and create additional space above the toilet. This is one area of the bathroom that seldom gets used to its fullest potential. Store what you need at arm’s length and add to the general aesthetic of the room by choosing shelving materials that work seamlessly with existing décor.

  • Change how the mirror hangs.

    If you have a mirror that isn’t mounted to the wall, take it down and hang it back up horizontally. It will make it easier for two people to get ready in the morning, and close up some of the negative space on the wall. If the mirror that you have currently isn’t large, ask your landlord if you can take it down and replace it with something bigger and more practical.

  • Use a sink skirt if you don’t have a door.

    If your sink is the type that doesn’t hide things well, solve the problem easily with a skirt. A small amount of fabric will do the trick by hiding the contents of the cabinet. You can place cleaning supplies there without any issue and even add a pop of color in a space where none exists.

Maximize storage space in small bathrooms by following the tips listed above. If you’re not able to properly display or house items, consider renting a storage bin to keep the remainder of your belongings in. It’s an economical solution for small apartment dwellers living on the East Coast.

Getting Ready for School

Getting Ready for School

With school in session once again, it’s time to consolidate your belongings so you’re better able to manage them. If you’re transitioning from one living space to the next and limited in the amount of square footage made available to you, it’s time to get real about what you need and what to stow away. Taking into consideration your current lifestyle and what it takes to make you comfortable gives you a starting point for packing and unpacking all the things you’ve brought to campus with you.

Factoring in weather conditions, what your roommate owns, and the amount of space you have left after accounting for furniture, appliances, and electronics gives you an idea of what you’ll want to place in a storage bin. The following list of suggestions helps you prepare for school without bringing too many things with you.

Consider Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Deciding what clothing to bring with you to college is a big deal. It’s hard to know what you’ll feel like wearing with a busy schedule like yours. One of the easiest ways to tackle this issue is to create a capsule wardrobe full of items that you like and wear often.

A capsule wardrobe consists of 35 to 40 versatile garments. They’re usually solid in color with minimal pattern. This allows you to mix and match items with ease and create a number of outfits without having to buy new clothes to achieve a certain look.

Apartment Therapy states that instead of shopping the racks of a department store or boutique, you shop your own closet. This keeps you from buying things on a whim that you’ll need additional storage to keep. Bulkier items such as coats and parkas can be placed in an urBin and stored until you need to wear them.

Go Digital

If you love to read but just don’t have the space to keep books, consider buying an e-reader or downloading a digital book reading app on your tablet. This will allow you to free up space that wouldn’t be available if you fed your reading addiction with hardback or paperback books. A whopping 6,000 books can be stored on an 8GB Amazon Kindle device!

You can also download movies, music, magazines, and textbooks this way. It will prevent you from packing too much and ensure that you’re thoroughly entertained between classes. You can always buy hard copies of the things you really, truly love and store them elsewhere until you need them again.

Store Winter Clothing and Blankets Until You Need Them

If you don’t go back to your hometown on weekends, it’s difficult to retrieve items that you need through the colder months of the year. You may have brought plenty of blankets and winter clothing with you to help you get through the coldest months of the year. Why keep these items on hand when you aren’t going to use them right away?

Free up space in your residence by storing heavy covers and sweaters until the first frost occurs. You’ll have them close by when you need to retrieve them, but you don’t have to deal with the hassle of tucking them under the bed or in a corner during warmer weather months. If the space you’re in is minuscule, you don’t have to deal with clutter for the sake of being comfortable during the winter.

If you’ve found that you overestimated how much built-in storage you have in your dorm room or apartment, don’t fret. urBin offers affordable solutions for students just like you. For what it would cost to eat dinner and see a movie, you have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are carefully tucked away in storage where you can retrieve them anytime you want.

Clever Bedroom Hacks

Clever Bedroom Hacks

Does the state of your bedroom have you tossing and turning at night? Bedrooms are one of the hardest rooms in the home to design. If you feel like your bedroom is kind of bland or drab, you’re not alone. Here are some clever bedroom hacks to make it comfier and more stylish:

Layers of Blankets

Make your bedroom as cozy and snug as possible. Layer on the blankets and make them all super soft and plushy. Opt for a fluffy down comforter, sheets with a high thread count, a washable duvet cover, and one or two knit blankets for when it’s chilly.

Piles of Pillows

Once you’ve layered on the blankets, turn your bed into a fluffy pillow fortress. Buy some soft throw pillows in your favorite shades and patterns and pile them on. This is also a great way to add pops of color to your room.

Wall-Mounted Bedside Tables

Don’t have the floor space for a nightstand on either side of your bed? Take it to the walls with wall-mounted bedside tables or wall shelves.

Wall-Mounted Lighting

You can do the same for lighting to save space on your shelf or nightstand. Get lights that mount to the wall to keep your tabletops clear of clutter.

Keep Décor Simple

Your bedroom doesn’t need to be filled with trinkets—in fact, a cluttered bedroom might make you feel uneasy and won’t help you get to sleep any better. Keep décor simple. Pops of color or patterns here and there are ok, but try not to overdo it!

Pay Attention to Color

Color can affect mood. Painting your bedroom yellow, orange, or red might not be a good decision, considering those colors may make you feel anxious or energized. Opt for shades of blue or neutral colors for a more relaxing environment.

Make a DIY Pillow Mist

Having trouble falling asleep? A soothing pillow mist with lavender essential oil might help you wind down and fall asleep faster. Here’s a recipe to try.

Throw in a Throw Rug

Wooden floors get cold in the winter, and that doesn’t feel so great on your feet first thing in the morning. Put a throw rug down next to your bed so your feet have a warm landing spot when you get out of bed.

Or an Area Rug

Whether or not you have wooden floors, a large area rug can add a lot to a bedroom. Choose either a 5×8 rug and place it horizontally at the end of your bed, or a 9×12 rug and place it horizontally under your bed.

Get a PJ Set

Invest in a comfy PJ set or two. You know you’ve always wanted to. Plus, it’ll get you into sleep-mode, and keep you warm (or cool,) throughout the seasons, without running up your heating and cooling bills.

Add a Plant

Every room deserves a little life, even the bedroom. Plants can help purify the air and create a more comfortable environment for sleep.

Don’t Forget a Candle

What’s more relaxing than a scented candle? A good rule of thumb is to always have two larger-sized candles: one for the living room, and one for the bedroom.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed has been shown to increase productivity and mood. Start incorporating this step into your day and feel the difference!

Skip the TV

Unplug before bed, and keep the TV out of the bedroom. The light from our screens messes with our circadian rhythms and can cause trouble sleeping. This is a great article about the techno dangers to watch for in your apartment.

Transform your bedroom with these clever hacks for a better night’s rest. And if you find anything you can’t hang onto while you’re redesigning, check out UrBin Storage. They’ll come to you!

How to Organize Your Apartment in 5 Easy Steps

How to Organize Your Apartment in 5 Easy Steps

We’ve all been there. Organization is not always a top priority when you’re drowning in other tasks. It’s easy to fall behind and get comfortable with chaos. But if you’re ready to step things up and get organized, here are five steps to take (and they’ll help you stay organized too!):

1. De-clutter

The very first step you should take to seriously organize your apartment is to get rid of some things. The more junk you have, the harder it is to stay organized. Go room by room and decide what absolutely needs to stay, and what’s just taking up space. Make a bag for donation and a bag for garbage and lighten your load. You’ll find yourself with so much more space to work with—and less stuff to organize. Try putting some items into storage with UrBin Storage. They’ll come to you and store all your items in a safe place until you’re ready for them again. That way, you won’t have to say goodbye forever. And they’ll bring them back to you too!

2. Get Thrifty

The dollar store is your friend. They have everything you need to organize your apartment, and it’s affordable too. Stock up on baskets, tension rods, command hooks, and racks. These are the tools of the trade. Buy baskets in all sizes. You can use small ones to organize bathroom and kitchen drawers, and medium and large ones to organize your closets. Tension rods can be used for a plethora of things: hanging cleaning products, providing extra hanging storage in closets, and even as separators in your cabinets. Command hooks are just as handy. Use them on the inside of cabinets, the side of your fridge, or in your bathroom. Racks will help you organize particularly your kitchen and bathroom. Here are some links for inspiration on how to use your new tools:

30 Wonderful Ways to Organize your Life with Command Hooks 

Pantry Organizing Ideas

Perfect Use for that Cupboard Above your Fridge

Dollar Store Bathroom Drawer Organization

3. Invest in a Label Maker

Ah, the satisfaction that a label maker brings is like no other. Not only are labels pleasant to look at and extremely functional, they’re a huge help if you live in a multi-person home. They are constant little reminders to keep putting things in the right place, so you can stay organized no matter how chaotic your life is, and no matter how terrible the people you live with are at staying organized. They also make finding things significantly easier. Rather than searching around your cluttered home for items when you’re in a hurry, you’ll have everything clearly marked and easy to reach. Label drawers in your medicine cabinet, items in your pantry, the baskets in your linen closet—label everything. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Make the Most of Your Space

This one is a biggie. Most of us do not make the most of our space. Even if you live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, you probably have more space than you realize. Use wall shelves to create vertical storage, utilize the backs of doors and cabinets, and squeeze small racks or sets of drawers into unexpected places. Give yourself the room to stay organized. Here are a few links that will help you make the most of your space:

Organized Linen Closet

Cleaning Tips – DIY Cleaning Closet

29 Sneaky Tips for Small Space Living

5. Get Smart

Items that work together stay together. Make sure when you’re organizing that you put items that you typically use together with each other, and put them close to where you use them. This way, you won’t leave items lying out when you’re finished with them because their storage place is out of reach, or in an inconvenient place.
We hope these tips help! Now go get organized!

Design Highlight: Contemporary Apartment Living

Design Highlight: Contemporary Apartment Living

Is it time to update your old digs and redesign your apartment? Playing around with different styles is a fun way to express yourself and make your home feel truly yours. Contemporary design is easy to pull off. Since it’s so simple, it’s relatively inexpensive to create, which is perfect for a rental where you don’t want to put too much time and money into painting the walls and filling it with knickknacks you’ll just have to move later.

So, if you’re ready for a simple, gorgeous apartment makeover, here’s what you need to know about contemporary apartment style:

Continue reading “Design Highlight: Contemporary Apartment Living”