Are you a little short on space? Or even just looking to clean things up a bit? For most of us, there are a few places in our home where clutter tends to take over: the office, the entertainment center, the bathroom. Chances are, your home came with bare walls, and your first thought was probably to invest in some floor furniture. Bookshelves and entertainment centers are great, but they take up a lot of space, and when they’re overflowing they can become a tad unsightly.

The easiest, and by far the best, way to create extra space in your home is to make use of vertical storage. Wall-mounted shelving will create space you didn’t even know you had. But it’s not just functional—it’s a statement. Shelf arrangement can be an art form, and you can always add a personal touch with picture frames and your favorite knick-knacks.

Here are some shelving ideas that will create space in your home:

  1. Entertainment center 

Ditch the frumpy TV stand and revamp your entertainment center with wall-mounted shelving. This will require mounting your TV to the wall as well, which sounds daunting, but there are plenty of tips online  if you need some help. Use baskets to store DVDs and decorate with candles, photos, and books. Where your TV stand simply held your items, wall shelving will make your living room functional and beautiful.

  1. Corner nightstand 

Space-Saving Shelving

We love the simplicity of a wall-mounted nightstand, and this corner shelf is as minimalist as it gets. Open up your space by placing your bed in a corner, rather than in the middle of your room surrounded on either side by two nightstands. A corner shelf may be small, but it’s big enough to hold a glass of water, a candle, and some nighttime reading materials. What more could you ask for?

  1. More corner shelving 

Why stop at the corner nightstand? Corner shelving is genius—and easy on the eyes. This shelving method will work anywhere, from your bathroom to your kitchen. Anywhere you have an empty corner, add some corner shelving.

  1. Floating wooden shelves 

Space-Saving Shelving

If you’re looking for sturdy storage, check out these DIY floating wooden shelves. They’re thick and strong, so they’d be perfect for in the garage or your workshop. We also think they’d look great in a sunroom lined with plants.

  1. Box shelves 

Are you a lover of literature? If you have more books than you can count and you’re running out of space to store them, try out this box shelf design. The geometrical look will give structure to your space. Stack your books neatly in the boxes and throw in some bouquets for decoration, and you’ll have a truly unique shelving design.

  1. Canned food organizer 

Space-Saving Shelving

De-clutter your cabinets and create this awesome sliding canned food organizer. It fits in the tiny space between your refrigerator and your wall, and is perfect for storing small items like canned goods and spices. The wheels allow it to roll in and out for easy access.

  1. Geometrical shelves

Get creative with these decorative DIY-inspired shape shelves. Everyone loves their knick-knacks, but you don’t want to crowd your space with too many, or it’ll look messy. Instead, display them on works of art. Choose from a number of geometrical designs—triangles, octagons, squares—or create your own!

If you’re still feeling a little cramped, despite your new shelving, consider storing some items with urBin Storage. They’ll pick your overflow items up at your door, store them in a safe, secure location, and return them to you with the click of a button.

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