A tiny kitchen space can be frustrating.  Between the microwave, the toaster oven, and the coffee pot, not to mention all the pots and pans and utensils, you might feel a little overwhelmed in the organization department. We have good news for you: You won’t have to give up cooking to eat in your tiny space! urBin has compiled a list of kitchen gadgets that will make your small kitchen experience easier and a little less cluttered.

  1. Japanese nesting bowls.


    This set of bowls fromCherry Terrace includes small, medium, and large stainless steel bowls and strainers; a glass salad bowl; and a salad spinner with its lid. The best part: they stack together so they take up the space of just one large bowl.   Giving your cabinets a little extra breathing room!

  2. 31 Piece carousel knife set.

    knife set

    This little gadget is more than your ordinary knife set. It manages to squeeze more tools into its tiny compartments than we can list here, but just to name a few, it includes a whisk, a can opener, and an ice cream scoop, and even glass canisters for spices!

  3. Adjustable over-the-sink cutting board with colander

    over sink cutting board

    If your small kitchen doesn’t offer a whole lot of counter space, this multi-functional little gadget is right up your alley. Don’t give up fresh veggies for ramen noodles just because you don’t have the space to chop them! This cutting board fits over your sink, and includes a colander to easily rinse your produce before cutting.

  4. A three-tier stacked drink dispenser.

    drink dispencer

    Planning on entertaining? Cut back on space by swapping out multiple drink containers for one three-tiered dispenser.

  5. A brush and sponge holder.

    brush and sponge holder

    This sweet little storage-saver clips onto your kitchen sink with an adjustable strap to keep track of your sponges and brushes. It’s a great alternative to just stacking things up behind the faucet!

  6. A corner dish rack.


    Working with corners is a great way to save space in a small apartment. Unlike your average square dish rack, this one fits nicely in a corner to leave you a little more counter space.

  7. Use a pegboard.


    Ok, so this one might take a little more work, but it might be well worth it if you’re short on cupboard space! Hang a peg board up in your kitchen and use hooks to hang pots and pans, bowls, and kitchen utensils.

  8. A mini food processor.


    A food processor might seem a bit extravagant if you’re trying to save space under your countertops, but this miniature version looks like it would fit right in. Plus, it comes in fourteen different colors!

  9. Rolling kitchen island.


    Nowhere to fit your trashcan? No worries. This little rolling kitchen island has a secret compartment for just that, plus drawers for utensils and a wooden cutting block built in! When you’re finished using it, just roll it out of the way.

  10. Collapsible grater.


    This multi-purpose grater folds flat for storage. If you love grating fresh cheese in your tiny kitchen, this gadget is for you!

    Now that you have the tools needed to get your tiny kitchen organized, we want to hear from you!  What are your go-to space-saving kitchen gadgets that you can share with the urBin community?   Comment below!

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