Unless you’re an old school arcade game collector, furniture will always take up the most space in any given room. Though it’s great to be able to sprawl out on a monster sectional to watch “Girls” on a Sunday night, you’re doing so at the cost of valuable space, and in Manhattan, that’s about $1,548 per square foot. Without even noticing it, we’re consistently trading off between living space and storage space as we build our private Idaho.

But why should we have to compromise? Here’s a quick roundup of great space saving furniture designs to give your living space some more character as well as storage space.

A Book Shelved Couch
As anyone who’s lived on a couch can tell you, they can be used for much more than just sitting. Though there are many well designed sofas and seats that integrate storage into their design, surrounding a piece with the right sized book shelves achieves the same effect and can also be used as an alternative end table or make you look smart in front of a new date.

Under Bed Storage
Leaving the space beneath your bed empty is really just an invitation for dust and macrobiotic refugees. If you ‘ve got lazy kids (or are just feeling lazy yourself), you can bet that an empty space under the bed is the first place that junk will wind up. Don’t let a single inch of space go to waste. Unlock your inner pirate and find a trundle bed that brings some organization underneath and good looks on the top deck. Under the bed storage bins also work if you’re working with a tighter budget.

The Lazy Susan
lazy susan
Remember that pretty girl in school that you would always copy your homework? Yeah! Lazy Susan. Typically seen on kitchen tables, integrating a lazy susan into cornered spaces makes for great design sense. It also saves the trouble of rummaging through things stacked in front of each other and helps you keep easy inventory of things in a typically cluttered area. They’re great for organizing food in the fridge as well as on the tabletop too.

Over The Toilet Storage
toilet cabinet
In most bathrooms, storage space is generally used behind the mirror and under the sink. For some reason, the space just above the toilet is often underused. A simple set of shelves on the wall or a cabinet built around the throne can make for a great place to store extra bathroom supplies and towels. Never have a fresh roll of toilet paper out of reach again.

The Disappearing Bed
disappearing bed
This wouldn’t be a proper roundup on space saving design without saying something about the mother of all space savers- the legendary disappearing bed. You have two basic options here. A foldout couch makes for less initial work, but the actual bed might not be so comfortable. Alternatively, putting some more work into installing a wall-mounted murphy bed can leave you with a few more bucks in your pocket and a better night’s rest. Just make sure you’re ok with the bed positioning being permanent and for your guests assuming you’re a vampire.

Under The Stairs
Stairs are ripe in wasted space. Though you hardly think about it as you climb up and down, each step is a potential drawer and the total space underneath can be a fully utilized closet too. Rember Harry Potter’s bedroom? Though installation can take a fair bit of work, you can be sure that your space will be unique as well as spacious once everything is done.

Got some more space saving design tips? Let us know in the comments. #UrBinFitsIt.

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