broken dishes

At urBin, we like to actually eat off of our fine china.  Why have it if you don’t use it?  That said, we know the luxurious life isn’t for everyone.  So for those of you that would rather not eat off of family heirlooms, packing them away into storage is just good sense. Since Nana would roll over in her grave if you ever broke her beloved gravy boat, urBin has some packing tips to keep those dishes nice and safe.

If you’re using an official UrBin Storage bin – with deep dimensions and hard-sided construction that are ideal for storing breakables – you’re in luck.  If not, you can always make use of a traditional cardboard box. Just follow these directions for whatever kind of six-sided contraption you decide to put your fragile valuables in.

  1. Get yourself the correct supplies – bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspaper and some tape. If you’re going to do anything make sure you do it right. Quality supplies can make or break (we just couldn’t help ourselves) the entire process.
  2. Make sure to cushion when you’re pushin’ –  Almost all glass and dish breaks happen when the box is either placed on the ground too roughly or when the box slips through your hands and lands with a crashing thud.  To minimize the chances of breakage, remember to pad items on all sides. This means lining the bottom of your bin or box with a sheet of bubble wrap or something similar. This will help absorb impacts and keep the fragile rims of any glassware from clanking into the storage container and cracking.
  3. Be careful with newspaper – Your newspaper doesn’t actually have to be newspaper.  Ink can often wind up smudged on plates and other breakables. That leads to even more cleaning – who needs it?  To keep your dishes from being the daily dish, head to UHaul or any moving company and try get some packing paper. A pack of 400 sheets is as cheap as the dirt that’s burying that dying format.
  4. Wrap it up! Wrap everything in bubble wrap. Dishes, glasses, macramé cats that your kids made in school, you name it.  Then tape it all together so the wrapping does’t get lose and unravel.  Little pockets of air trapped in plastic can do wonders for saving your valuables from breaking.
  5. Glassware = paper stuffing – If you’re storing glasses, it’s recommended to stuff them with paper. Glassware is usually packaged like this because it keep stems and other fragile parts of accompanying wares from getting inside and causing cracks.
  6. A fragile lasagna –  Once you’ve lined the bottom of the box or bin with bubble wrap, place a layer of wrapped breakables in the container.  Then add another layer of bubble wrap to the top of the first level of stored items. This will keep the next layer of goods from clanking into the first layer. It’s all about isolation and using your storage space wisely.
  7. Fill in the gaps – Keep this layering system up. At the end, fill any and all gaps with packing peanuts. If items have enough freedom to move and rattle around while they’re in transit, you’re chances of a break goes up exponentially. Peanuts will keep the stacked items tight and upright like military men.
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