Mistakes That Make Your Small Space Feel Even Tinier

It’s one thing to live in a small space. It’s another to live comfortably in a small space. If you haven’t yet mastered the art of apartment or loft living, you’re not alone. If you want to do it better than you imagined you could, you’ve got to avoid making big mistakes.

Here are four things that occur regularly that make small spaces feel even tinier:

Not keeping things in scale. That overstuffed sofa that you bought secondhand does not work the way it did in your new space. Rather than toss it to the curb, sell it and use the money to buy something more compact. It fits the space better and still provides extra seating for guests. It doesn’t dwarf the rest of your belongings which gives your residence the appearance that it’s roomier than it really is.

Failing to use what storage you do have. Even the tiniest space has storage opportunities. You just need to rethink the layout you currently have. For example, are you using the space underneath your bed? What about the living room walls? Could you install a magnetic spice bar in the kitchen and a pot rack above the stove? How can you get more out of the space you currently have?

Having too much of the space broken up. Room dividers and paint are a great way to break up small spaces. They do, however, have to be used in moderation or they just don’t work. Too many small areas make your space look extra tiny and uninhabitable. Think carefully about your current layout and living arrangements. If you have several roommates, it makes sense to have several clearly defined spaces to meet the needs of each occupant. It does not, however, make sense to divide up spaces into micro-sized areas if you only have one or two other people living in the apartment or loft with you.

Owning entirely too many things. When you move into a small space, you have to make sacrifices to get it to work. That’s why it’s important to take what you need to live comfortably and place the rest of your items in storage. Although it may be a new concept for you to live without all of your stuff or an added expense for your household budget, one thing’s certain. You’ll feel freer than you did before because you made the decision to live large with less stuff. Best of all, you can retrieve what you need without any fuss.

There is an art to small space living. In fact, dozens of blogs, like ours, are dedicated to the subject. Real Simple magazine notes that treating a space as one giant room is one big mistake that many apartment and loft dwellers make. They also note that dramatic patterned wallpaper helps create depth and interest in a space so considering adding some to an area of your loft or apartment right away.

If you’re afraid to use color and pattern, your space will look smaller. These interior designer tricks help make the smallest dwelling look larger and feel more spacious than it is. Remember, however, use color and pattern sparingly so that it doesn’t close in the space more.

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