His waistline isn’t Chris Christie’s only robust problem these days.  Just a little while ago, it looked like New Jersey’s large governing body has had a new scandal spilling out of the closet every other day. Here are a few things we think Governor Christie can put in storage for a good long time:

  1. His EZ Pass.  It’s best if the Governor just avoids tolls for a bit and sticks to his chopper. Nuff said.
  2. It seems that thousands of Sandy victims are still waiting to take a hot shower at home – all those promised hot water heaters must be taking up a lot of closet space in the Gov’s mansion.  Think he has them in the garage?
  3. Christie For President pins…. There’s definitely a few of these made up somewhere.  He should save them. Those storage auction guys will get at least $50 for the set in 30 year’s time.
  4. Google Mail.  The Gov should learn to just conduct business on the phone.  You can’t subpoena a voice call like you can an email.
  5. His Staff.  They’ve cause more problems than they’re worth (allegedly).


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