How to Get Your Small Space Ready For Summer

For most of us, the transition from spring into summer is a welcome one: no more dramatic weather variations, seasonal allergies, or school. You can walk outside without bundling up or getting drenched. Things are just easier. Why not maximize those easy-going summer vibes by prepping your home?

Here are some ways you can:

Did You Finish Your Spring Cleaning? If Not, Get on It.

Step one to prepping your small apartment for a glorious summer is to finish spring cleaning: purging, scrubbing, dusting, and organizing. Spring is the season for new beginnings; summer is the season to celebrate those new beginnings. Don’t fall behind on the tough part and miss out on the celebration! If you haven’t already, buckle down and really give your home a refresher. Donate items you no longer use, clean those hard-to-reach spaces that you might have skipped over the winter, and try out some new methods of organization. If you have already finished your spring cleaning, are there any loose ends you could tie up or any finishing touches you could add?

Open Up Your Space

A super confined space might not feel so comfortable when it’s 90 degrees outside. Try to minimize the amount of furniture taking up floor space. Move some things around and try adding some vertical storage to your walls to open things up a bit. You could even put some things in storage until the winter. One super easy option is UrBin Storage. With one simple click, they’ll come to your door, take your extra items, and store them away in a safe, secure location until you’re ready for them again. Then, they’ll bring them back for you.

And speaking of opening things up, if you’ve been crammed inside of your apartment all winter and things are feeling a bit stuffy, open up those windows while it’s still cool enough. The fresh air will bring things right back to life.

Create a Mini Bar 

How to Get Your Small Space Ready For Summer

Remember what we said about celebrating? Summer is a time to unwind. Whether you’re entertaining guests or relaxing alone, a mini bar cart will be a convenient, chic addition to your summer abode. Stock it up with your favorite booze and mixers, a bowl of lemons and limes, some glasses, and a vase full of fresh summer flowers. Maybe even throw a blender on there for some delicious frozen cocktails. Skip the hot, sweaty crowd at the bar and enjoy a mixed drink in the comfort of your own air-conditioned home.

Make Your Tiny Balcony a Cozy Hangout

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony or patio at your tiny apartment, we’re betting it’s just as tiny as your interior. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a huge amount of potential. There are plenty of creative ways to maximize a small balcony’s space. First, find some small, cozy seating. Go heavy on the outdoor throw pillows. Next, do something about the floor. You can create an outdoor rug cheaply and easily by spraying a table cloth with water-based polyurethane, or you could roll out some artificial grass for a backyard feel . Decorate with some candles, hanging lights, and planters, and make sure you have some kind of table or tray on which to place drinks, books, snacks, and the like. And voila! You have a cozy outdoor space to enjoy the weather from. If you don’t have a balcony, pull up a chair and a tiny side table next to an open window. Add a vase of flowers and light a candle to really create the effect.

Now, get to prepping so you can enjoy your care-free summer in your tiny apartment!

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