Today marks the beginning of the next exciting chapter in our journey as urBin. The short and sweet of it – we are joining the Dumbo Moving & Storage family!



What does this mean for our customers? If you’re currently using urBin, your storage service and experience will continue as before and there is no reason to worry. In the coming weeks and months you can expect business as usual from urBin, now with the added power of Dumbo Moving & Storage behind everything we do. For assistance or to add more storage, continue to reach out to us in the same way you always have done.


Over the past two years, urBin has grown from an idea on a whiteboard to a company with amazing employees and supportive customers. To date, we have stored an amount equal to the size of the Statue of Liberty, driven enough miles to have completed thousands of NASCAR races, and learned millions of lessons throughout the process.


Every day we ask ourselves how we can improve our customers’ experience, and continue to set higher standards to provide the best service possible. With this mentality, we have come a long way, and none of this would have been possible without all of our customers’ support and feedback.


As the storage market grows and demand for on-demand storage increases, joining Dumbo Moving & Storage allows us to scale our services and expand our sales and marketing efforts, which will enable us to make more storage services available to more customers. Dumbo Moving & Storage’s passion for affordability without sacrificing quality and their commitment to excellence aligns well with our team and our ambitions, and we couldn’t be more excited to combine our efforts to create the best possible storage provider in the New York metro area.


Thank you for your continued support and being part of our journey.


With storage love,


The urBin Storage Team


P.S. Reach out to us at or (888) 339-5271 with any concerns, comments or questions.

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