There’s a bunch of stuff that people typically put into storage. Things like ski gear, holiday decorations, camping equipment and that Diaper Genie all come to mind. This type of stuff doesn’t get used very often and just takes up space when not in use. It’s only natural to want to put this stuff away.  But what about the rest of your stuff? Do you really need it with you all the time? What else can you use storage for? Here’s a quick list of the other things you should think about putting into storage along with some fresh out of the box ideas for using storage.

Saving that bottle of scotch

Saving a drink for a special occasion? Put it away in storage and keep it out of sight until you’re ready to pop it open. This way, you really know that something is worth it when you make the decision to take that bottle out of storage.  Don’t forget, urBin storage will deliver your goods whenever you want them.  We’re just a click away.


Take something away and really mean it

Ok this might be a bit much, but think about it. Whenever you had something taken away from you as a kid, what was the first thing you would do the second your parents looked away? Look all over the house and get your stuff back anyway. It’s pretty hard to discipline someone if there really isn’t any bite to the punishment. The next time you take a game console or computer away from your kid as punishment throw some real teeth behind it and put it in storage. They can’t get it back if it’s not in the house.


The stuff that won’t quite fit in a safety deposit box

On average, a modest wedding dress will costs around $1,000 but will only be hopefully used once by the bride. After the wedding day, most wedding dresses go straight into a corner of the closet with the hopes that it might be passed down. Free up that closet space and put the dress in storage along with any other family heirlooms that just won’t fit in a safety deposit box.


Remove those distractions

More and more of us work from home.  For some, it’s really hard to concentrate on the job at hand when Ellen has Honey BooBoo on.  Can’t seem to get your work done because you keep playing with something that’s just sitting in front of you? Say you’re watching too much TV when you should be hunkering down to get a project done. Commit to really focusing on your work by removing the distraction entirely and put it into storage. You can reward yourself with your prize when you get your work done.


Store away your luggage

Unless you’re living out of a suitcase, you really only need your luggage when you’re going on a trip. The larger the case, the less often you’re likely to use it. And Store it and use that free space at home for something a little more useful.


A time capsule

Here’s something fun that you can do without having to dig a hole in the ground or shooting a cosmonaut monkey into space. Put together a time capsule and put it in storage. It’s a great way to record a snapshot of your everyday life and can be a great surprise later on in life. Even if you move, you can still have access to your capsule since it’s in storage. Store it but don’t forget about it!


Rotate your furniture

It’s always good to add some spice to your living space and change things up every now and then. Alternate your space’s layout with what you have in storage and keep things fresh by mixing and matching every other season. No need to buy new furniture every time you want to change things up. Just tap into the stuff you already have in storage.


Figure out how useful something really is

You never really miss something until it’s gone. If you ever need to figure out how useful something really is, like that bread maker your mom got you,  put it in storage and see just how much you miss it. Just take it out of storage if you find that you really do need it. If not –Craigslist.


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