Hi friends of urBin,

We’re up and running in Hoboken, and have already helped a lot of your neighbors reclaim their space! If you haven’t already, check out the full urBin website: www.urbin-storage.com.

We know what you’re thinking… Wow, that’s awesome, so can you talk about the cash, already? Of course we can!  : )

Earn Cash With urBin

It’s simple: tell people about urBin, make cash. Help us get our name out there!

The Details

We’ll give you a unique referral code.

Any customer who uses your code receives $20 off their order and you receive cash (50% of monthly rent amount, avg. $70-80).

If you are ready to receive your unique referral code, simply send us an email with the subject: CASH.

With storage love,


Ps. Feel free to forward this to anyone who also likes cash. Friends of friends of urBin are awesome.

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