Design Highlight: Contemporary Apartment Living

Is it time to update your old digs and redesign your apartment? Playing around with different styles is a fun way to express yourself and make your home feel truly yours. Contemporary design is easy to pull off. Since it’s so simple, it’s relatively inexpensive to create, which is perfect for a rental where you don’t want to put too much time and money into painting the walls and filling it with knickknacks you’ll just have to move later.

So, if you’re ready for a simple, gorgeous apartment makeover, here’s what you need to know about contemporary apartment style:

Define Contemporary

The term contemporary is often used interchangeably with the term modern, but the two are not the same. Modern design refers to a movement from the 1920’s with strict guidelines, while contemporary design is a bit more flexible. Contemporary design involves clean lines and neutral tones, minimal accessories and an open space with plenty of natural light. If you consider yourself a minimalist, contemporary design is the home design for you. It’s simple, clean, and uncluttered. It’s also a great way to open up a small space—since contemporary design is so minimal and devoid of clutter, it can make a small space look huge.

Simplicity is Key

Contemporary design relies on simplicity. When designing your contemporary apartment, stick to furniture in neutral tones, like beige, white, black, or gray. But, like we said, contemporary design is flexible. You don’t have to sacrifice color entirely. Pair neutral colors with hints of brighter colors like pale pink or green accents for little pops of color.

Cut down on the trinkets. If you’re particularly attached to a number of trinkets and ornaments, contemporary style might not be the option for you. Contemporary style focuses on lines and clean, clear surfaces. As far as décor goes, you’re going to be focusing more on your furniture to make a statement. Take time picking out your pieces—all emphasis will be on them.

Lighting is important to contemporary design. The focus should be on natural light. Keep the blinds pulled up and the curtains pulled back during the day to fill your apartment with natural light. As far as lamps and artificial sources of light, stick to floor and table lamps with straight lines and metallic finishes.

Design Inspiration

  1. Crisp, Clean Kitchen

Design Highlight: Contemporary Apartment Living

Get a look at the sleek, thin lines in this contemporary kitchen. This person definitely used angles and lines to their advantage here; meanwhile the marble wall in the background adds just the right amount of texture. You can find those awesome metallic pendant lights at West Elm.

  1. Wide Open Living Room

Design Highlight: Contemporary Apartment Living

This living room features ample natural light, neutral gray and white tones accented by bold patterns on throw pillows and bright flowers on the coffee table. Also, check out the metallic finish on that floor lamp! (Found here )

  1. Grayscale Bedroom

Grayscale makes this bedroom easy on the eyes, while the black-framed gallery wall adds those lines and angles that we’re looking for in contemporary design. The metallic finishes on the table lamps pull it all together!

  1. Minimalist Bathroom

Design Highlight: Contemporary Apartment Living

The key to a contemporary bathroom is for it to be clutter-free. Keep surfaces clean and uncluttered, like the bathroom in this photo, and stick to neutral colored towels. Accent with a plant or a flower, and you’ve got yourself a contemporary bathroom.

Speaking of “clutter-free,” if you’re going for a contemporary style in your apartment, you might want to consider putting some items in storage. Check out urBin Storage for a simple, safe, and efficient way to store your items, and good luck on your apartment makeover!

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