Summer is comin’ in hot, so we compiled a list of some awesome apps that will help make you cooler. From helping you grill, to urBin’s favorite things – saving time, money, and stress – these are some killer apps that are sure to improve the dog days for you.


Packing Pro

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Now that you’ve pulled your speedos and fanny packs out of storage for summer vacation, it would be a shame to accidentally leave them at home. Well actually, maybe not. Either way, packing is stressful, and like urBin, Packing Pro helps you cut down on the stress so you can focus on more important things. The app organizes your packing lists and to-do tasks, and will even recommend a modifiable list based on destination, duration, and how many people are travelling. You can also organize a master list that each person can edit, so the more responsible out there can make sure the bozo doesn’t leave his (or her… probably his) passport at home.






Grill Guide

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It’s already mid-June, which means it’s time to get that grill out of storage and fire her up! With the Grill Guide, even these guys will be able to grill up a good steak. The app’s digital ruler will measure the thickness of whatever cut of meat or fish you choose, and then tell you how long to grill and at what temperature. Along with instructions for grilling veggies and even fruit, this is the perfect aid for the summer, and a great idea for Fourth of July!








Exit Strategy

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A subway map without an exit strategy is like having to leave your apartment to store your things – you end up wasting time and walking way too much. Exit Strategy provides a detailed map for every subway stop so you walk out of the exit you need, and even provides address ranges so you walk down the street in the right direction (“Hallelujah!” says every summer intern ever). Oh, did we forget the coolest feature? The app tells you the train car, and even the exact door where you should stand in order to get off the train right in front the exit you want to take and avoid the bottleneck. “No more crowded spaces!” demand Exit Strategy and urBin.






The Scoop

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Need a new spot for Sunday brunch? How about a good day trip to get out of the city on Saturday? The Scoop is a New York Times App that gives you an insider’s scoop to the city. The perfect way to get out of your “air-conditioned” apartment on a lazy summer afternoon, the app provides constantly updated lists of the best places to eat or drink, exhibits to see, events to attend, day trips for a beautiful weekend, and many more. And if the Times recommended it, then it’s obviously the right thing to do.







Seat Geek


After saving a lot of time by storing your winter clothes with urBin, it would be a shame to waste it all searching for tickets. With Seat Geek, the days of comparing every ticket website and constantly monitoring prices are over. A search engine that searches your favorite ticket websites, and those you’ve never heard of, Seat Geek provides all the offerings in one place, and even rates each deal from amazing to awful. You can favorite an event to receive updates on ticket prices, and follow your favorite teams or bands to know when they’re coming to town. Seat Geek also recommends events for you so you know what’s coming up, or in case you’re like Henry VIII and just don’t know what you like.





We’ve been really enjoying these apps, so we wanted to spread the word. Whether for a summer vacation, 4th of July barbecue, or apartment makeover, we’re always looking for the best ways to spend more time doing the things we love, and less time preparing for them!

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