10 Space-Saving Furniture Choices

Downsizing to a smaller apartment, or looking to open up a cramped space? Large furniture can overwhelm a tiny home. But don’t fret. We have options for you! We did some research and compiled a list of ten space-saving furniture choices to make your tiny apartment feel like a mansion.

Here they are:

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How to Store your Winter Stuff like a Pro

It’s about that time of year that we all must face the task of swapping out our winter jackets and scarves for the flip flops and t-shirts we have tucked away in storage (or maybe crammed under our beds?) The “out of sight, out of mind” mentality only really works until you have to pull everything out and sort through it. If you didn’t make an attempt to organize back when fall came around, it could take all day to transition your closet for spring.

Lucky for you, we are storage professionals. We know the best ways to store your unused items until next season, and we are ready to share our secrets with you. We have devised multiple ways to approach spring cleaning, depending on the amount of space you have available.

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Beer: How to store like an expert

As the popularity of microbreweries has exploded and craft beer culture has become more and more popular in the U.S., the malt maniacs have stopped letting wine connoisseurs have all the fun and have started storing and aging beer. Beer storage is much less of a defined science than aging wine, but there are some basics for anybody trying to brew, store, or age their own beer. While we’re no beer experts, we’re space and storage experts who can always appreciate a good brewski, so here are three key tips for your own beer storage operation. Prost! Continue reading “Beer: How to store like an expert”

Tips for Putting Your Car in Storage

If you’ve read a few of our earlier posts, you’ll know that we’re pretty big car guys. There are a lot of nuances to owning a car, and long term storage (a stay longer than 3 weeks) is no exception. Putting a car away isn’t as easy as tossing that winter parka into one of our bins, so take read over a few quick tips on car storage so that you don’t come back to a ride with a dead battery and a rats nest under the hood. Continue reading “Tips for Putting Your Car in Storage”

The difference between storage and a safety deposit box? Not much actually.

When you boil it all down, a safety deposit box is really just a secure place for you to put away your valuables. You head over to a bank, pay a monthly fee, and lock your stuff away into a space that only you have access to. Sounds awfully similar to something else doesn’t it? Continue reading “The difference between storage and a safety deposit box? Not much actually.”

Eight Things You Never Thought You Could Do With Storage

There’s a bunch of stuff that people typically put into storage. Things like ski gear, holiday decorations, camping equipment and that Diaper Genie all come to mind. This type of stuff doesn’t get used very often and just takes up space when not in use. It’s only natural to want to put this stuff away.  But what about the rest of your stuff? Do you really need it with you all the time? What else can you use storage for? Here’s a quick list of the other things you should think about putting into storage along with some fresh out of the box ideas for using storage.

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The Obligatory Packing Breakables Post

broken dishes

At urBin, we like to actually eat off of our fine china.  Why have it if you don’t use it?  That said, we know the luxurious life isn’t for everyone.  So for those of you that would rather not eat off of family heirlooms, packing them away into storage is just good sense. Since Nana would roll over in her grave if you ever broke her beloved gravy boat, urBin has some packing tips to keep those dishes nice and safe.
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