Tips for Putting Your Car in Storage

If you’ve read a few of our earlier posts, you’ll know that we’re pretty big car guys. There are a lot of nuances to owning a car, and long term storage (a stay longer than 3 weeks) is no exception. Putting a car away isn’t as easy as tossing that winter parka into one of our bins, so take read over a few quick tips on car storage so that you don’t come back to a ride with a dead battery and a rats nest under the hood. Continue reading “Tips for Putting Your Car in Storage”

The urBin Storage Guide to Hypermiling

We’re usually all for getting more space and decluttering here at urBin, but there’s one exception that we don’t mind seeing stuffed to the brim: your wallet.  To save you some cash, here are a few pointers from our fleet of UrBin Storage drivers on mastering a money-saving strategy you might not have heard of; the art of hypermiling.  Continue reading “The urBin Storage Guide to Hypermiling”

Tips for Driving in New Yawk from urBin

You didn’t see this one coming from us, did you?  Since we drive all over the city to pick up and drop off your precious cargo whenever you want it, we know a thing or two about driving with purpose in the Big Apple.  We’re a logistics company just as much as we are a storage one,  and so here  are a few tips on how to navigate New York, with or without your breakables in the back.

Continue reading “Tips for Driving in New Yawk from urBin”