Traditional Storage vs. On-Demand Storage

Traditional Storage vs. On-Demand Storage

There’s been a lot of fuss lately about on-demand storage companies. What’s it all about? And are they really a better option than traditional storage facilities? Well, that all depends on how much you value convenience. We’re guessing, like most of us, you do. In that case, read on to learn about the major differences between traditional and on-demand storage.

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How to Organize Your Apartment in 5 Easy Steps

How to Organize Your Apartment in 5 Easy Steps

We’ve all been there. Organization is not always a top priority when you’re drowning in other tasks. It’s easy to fall behind and get comfortable with chaos. But if you’re ready to step things up and get organized, here are five steps to take (and they’ll help you stay organized too!):

1. De-clutter

The very first step you should take to seriously organize your apartment is to get rid of some things. The more junk you have, the harder it is to stay organized. Go room by room and decide what absolutely needs to stay, and what’s just taking up space. Make a bag for donation and a bag for garbage and lighten your load. You’ll find yourself with so much more space to work with—and less stuff to organize. Try putting some items into storage with UrBin Storage. They’ll come to you and store all your items in a safe place until you’re ready for them again. That way, you won’t have to say goodbye forever. And they’ll bring them back to you too!

2. Get Thrifty

The dollar store is your friend. They have everything you need to organize your apartment, and it’s affordable too. Stock up on baskets, tension rods, command hooks, and racks. These are the tools of the trade. Buy baskets in all sizes. You can use small ones to organize bathroom and kitchen drawers, and medium and large ones to organize your closets. Tension rods can be used for a plethora of things: hanging cleaning products, providing extra hanging storage in closets, and even as separators in your cabinets. Command hooks are just as handy. Use them on the inside of cabinets, the side of your fridge, or in your bathroom. Racks will help you organize particularly your kitchen and bathroom. Here are some links for inspiration on how to use your new tools:

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Perfect Use for that Cupboard Above your Fridge

Dollar Store Bathroom Drawer Organization

3. Invest in a Label Maker

Ah, the satisfaction that a label maker brings is like no other. Not only are labels pleasant to look at and extremely functional, they’re a huge help if you live in a multi-person home. They are constant little reminders to keep putting things in the right place, so you can stay organized no matter how chaotic your life is, and no matter how terrible the people you live with are at staying organized. They also make finding things significantly easier. Rather than searching around your cluttered home for items when you’re in a hurry, you’ll have everything clearly marked and easy to reach. Label drawers in your medicine cabinet, items in your pantry, the baskets in your linen closet—label everything. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Make the Most of Your Space

This one is a biggie. Most of us do not make the most of our space. Even if you live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, you probably have more space than you realize. Use wall shelves to create vertical storage, utilize the backs of doors and cabinets, and squeeze small racks or sets of drawers into unexpected places. Give yourself the room to stay organized. Here are a few links that will help you make the most of your space:

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5. Get Smart

Items that work together stay together. Make sure when you’re organizing that you put items that you typically use together with each other, and put them close to where you use them. This way, you won’t leave items lying out when you’re finished with them because their storage place is out of reach, or in an inconvenient place.
We hope these tips help! Now go get organized!

10 Kitchens We Love

Ready to feel inspired? Here are 10 kitchens we love. But be warned, you might not be able to resist the urge to redo your entire kitchen!

  1. Swedish Kitchen with Open Shelving

10 Kitchens We Love

Why do we love this kitchen? Could it be the white tile black splash? The hardwood floor? The refrigerator chalkboard? Or the gorgeous open shelving above the sink? We’ll tell you: it’s all of those things. This kitchen, spotted at My Scandinavian Home embodies so many of our favorite trends!

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Make a Big Design Impact on a Small Budget

Make a Big Design Impact on a Small Budget

Sigh, we all have a dream home. But our budgets don’t always work in tandem with our dreams, do they? You can dream all you want, but what if I told you it’s the home you’re in now that matters? And that you could design it however you want, all within your budget, however small? It’s possible. It’s more than possible—there are a million ways to feed your inner interior designer without breaking the bank.

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Design Highlight: Contemporary Apartment Living

Design Highlight: Contemporary Apartment Living

Is it time to update your old digs and redesign your apartment? Playing around with different styles is a fun way to express yourself and make your home feel truly yours. Contemporary design is easy to pull off. Since it’s so simple, it’s relatively inexpensive to create, which is perfect for a rental where you don’t want to put too much time and money into painting the walls and filling it with knickknacks you’ll just have to move later.

So, if you’re ready for a simple, gorgeous apartment makeover, here’s what you need to know about contemporary apartment style:

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Design Highlight: A Modern Twist

Our Favorite Modern Pieces for a Small Space

Want to update your apartment décor? Get with the times, and make it modern. Modern décor is a perfect option for a small apartment: it’s subtle and simplistic, so the style won’t overwhelm your space. Plus, it’s a pretty easy look to create. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite modern pieces that will work in any space. We hope you’ll get inspired!

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How to Throw an Amazing 4th of July Party in Your Small Apartment

How to Throw an Amazing 4th of July Party in Your Small Apartment

Living in a tiny space and desperate to host an epic 4th of July backyard barbecue this summer? Well, you might not have a backyard—or an outdoor grill—but there’s no reason you shouldn’t get to live out this wholesome, all-American dream indoors. Throwing any kind of party in a small apartment takes a lot of planning, but the good news is that we’re here to help you do it.

Here are some pro tips on throwing a poppin’ 4th of July party in your tiny apartment:

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Fun DIY Apartment Décor

Decorating your apartment can feel like a hopeless endeavor when you’re short on cash, and it’s really a bummer when your place doesn’t feel 100% yours. There are some cheap décor options out there, but they’re far and few. The good news? There’s really no better way to make your space feel more personal than to decorate it with things you made yourself, with supplies you can find around the house. Discover your inner artist and try some of these fun DIY apartment décor crafts:

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