5 Cool Organizing Hacks for your Tiny Bathroom

If you live in a tiny space then one of the hardest rooms to organize, by far, is the bathroom. Without built-in storage, it’s hard to find a place for all of your towels, toiletries, makeup, toilet paper, and extra soap. It’s tempting to leave an abundance of items out on your sink, and to hide everything else underneath, but if you want an organized, clean-looking space, we have some cool bathroom hacks for you.

1. Above-the-toilet shelving

Or really any shelving. You probably don’t have a ton of space under your sink—and you don’t want to just shove everything in there anyways, or your bathroom will be cluttered. To alleviate this problem, add vertical storage wherever you have the wall space. Keep it simple and organized with baskets and storage containers, and spruce it up a little with a couple picture frames and books, or maybe even some plants. If you have any extra floor space, try using a slim bookcase or bathroom shelf unit for extra storage.

2. Mason jars

Mason jars everywhere. Use them to store anything and everything: makeup brushes, toothbrushes, cotton balls, Q-tips, whatever you can fit in a jar. Mason jars look clean and minimal, and they’ll keep your smaller toiletries organized and easy to reach, rather than if they were, say, stuffed in a tiny drawer under your sink or buried in your linen closet.

3. Baskets and storage containers

Use baskets and storage containers for towels and toilet paper, extra soap, and your larger toiletries. Laying everything out on your shelves or your sink will make your space look smaller and more cluttered, especially if you have a lot of hair products or makeup to keep track of. By placing these items in designated baskets, you not only stay organized and save time for yourself in the mornings, but maintain a cleaner, more open-looking space.

4. Make use of cabinet space

Ok, so the most obvious way to organize your cabinet space is to use baskets and bins, like we’ve used on our shelves. But if you only use baskets and bins underneath your sink, chances are things are going to get tossed in there when you’re in a hurry, and you’re just going to end up with bins of overflowing products, which isn’t helping your cause. There are other, more clever, options. Consider buying some small plastic drawers and shelves for underneath your sink. And don’t forget about the wide open space on the back of your cabinet door! Hang hooks, a plastic organizer, or even small plastic containers on the inside of your cabinet door for double the storage space.

5. Try a trashcan with a lid

This last hack is almost too easy. That little overflowing waste can next to the toilet is cramping your bathroom space. When it gets full, it looks messy and cluttered. Try replacing it with a small trashcan with a lid. Your space will instantly look cleaner and more organized.

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