Looking for some inspiration for your next apartment decorating project? Here are a few layouts that caught our eye. These apartments feature minimalist themes, white furnishings, genius floorplans, and incredibly clever shared living solutions. Check them out! Maybe you’ll get some ideas.

  1. NYC Studio Apartment

5 Inspiring Apartment Layouts
Source: HomePolish

This apartment is equal parts minimalist and feminine. The hardwood floor and basic white walls make the space entirely customizable with hints of color coming from throw pillows, artwork, and an array of houseplants. The space seems to have quite a bit of natural light coming from the windows, which hits beautifully off of the white furnishings. The hardwood countertop in the kitchen looks clean and polished against the white cabinets, as do the rest of the wooden furnishings against her crisp white theme.

  1. A Beautiful Studio Apartment for Two

5 Inspiring Apartment Layouts
Source: Home-designing.com

This apartment was designed with young love in mind—specifically for a young couple starting out in their first home. The space is divided into separate “zones” without putting up walls, so the couple can spend time together in their home while maintaining their personal space. The lofted bed area with the shared workspace is particularly enviable, as is the heavenly-looking fluffy grey comforter. The dining space is small and intimate, the perfect size for a candlelit dinner or a sunny brunch, and the door offers the option for some alone-time. The color-scheme is neutral with pops of color here and there, which sounds like a great compromise!

  1. 500-Square-Foot College Apartment

5 Inspiring Apartment Layouts

Three girls share this 500-sqaure-foot space in Toronto, Ontario; and they’ve made an art of it. Each has a different taste: Bohemian vs Victorian vs Mid-Century. But they’ve managed to compromise in a way that includes everyone, and it looks great. A gorgeous Victorian-style blue area rug takes center stage in their “family room,” which is lined with bookshelves and includes a cozy window seat, where the girls enjoy curling up with a good book and a record playing. Their kitchen is narrow, but provides plenty of counter space, and the white furnishing and wood floors make the space look much bigger than it is.

  1. Small Apartment with Vintage Details

This gorgeous little apartment in Sweden looks huge, thanks to its minimalist layout. The kitchen, with its sleek all-white furnishings, is elevated over the living room, which adds dimension to the small space. Various large windows and the reflection off of the white walls and furniture offer an abundance of natural light. The fireplaces in the living room and bedroom give the apartment a cozy feel, while fresh flowers and striped rugs give the space a light, airy vibe.

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