10 Tips on City Living

About to make the move to a big city? There are some things you’re definitely going to want to know.

Here are 10 tips on city living:

  1. Downsize

When moving to a big city, understand there’s a good chance you’ll be living in a small space. Rather than attempting to cram all of your belongings in there and ending up with an overflowing, cramped living space, try paring down a bit. Stick to the necessities, and check out some tips on how to organize in a small space (**link**).

  1. Budget

The cost of living in cities is wildly expensive, (hence that tiny apartment.) Before you move, make a budget for your monthly spending. This will save you a lot of stress and heartache in the future, especially if you’re pinched for cash.

  1. Spend wisely

On that same note, spend your money wisely in big cities. Everything is overpriced. Avoid corner grocery stores, as they usually charge high prices for cheap items, and watch those price tags. Start making your own coffee, so you don’t have to pay expensive café prices, and try to be as frugal as possible.

  1. Get a bike

Cities can be difficult to navigate—especially around rush hours. If you do have a car already, you might want to consider trading it in for a trusty bicycle and getting to know the public transportation system. Traffic can be unrealistically slow. You’ll have an easier time riding your bike ten miles in the rain than you will driving your car on almost any given day. Just make sure you know how to lock it.

  1. Get to know the public transportation system

Seriously. Ditch your car. It’s not worth it. Download apps for your city that map out the subway and bus routes and use them to get around. Even the subway can be difficult to navigate during rush hours, so just try to avoid traveling during those times as much as possible.

  1. Drop a pin everywhere

When you’re out and about getting to know the area, drop pins so you can relocate places you would like to check out again.

  1. Wake up early

Living in a city means waking up earlier than you normally would if you want to get anywhere on time. Even if you’re just walking, you’re bound to run into traffic or delays. In a big city, there’s always something going on, so be prepared.

  1. Carry cash

You might think avoiding cash would be a good idea when you’re walking around a big city, but you’re going to wish you had some when you pass that delicious-smelling hotdog stand or need to take a spontaneous bus ride.

  1. Prep for all kinds of weather

In a big city, there’s a high chance you’re going to spend a lot of time walking outside. Make sure you’re prepared for any kind of weather. Do a little research on your area, if you must, and definitely make sure you have an umbrella and rain boots, at the least.

  1. Make friends

Now’s the time to put yourself out there and meet new people! Cities are overflowing with all kinds of different, interesting individuals, and the best way to survive is to make friends. They’ll be able to answer your questions about the area, point you in the direction of cool hangout spots, and get you acquainted with city life.

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