Ready to feel inspired? Here are 10 kitchens we love. But be warned, you might not be able to resist the urge to redo your entire kitchen!

  1. Swedish Kitchen with Open Shelving

10 Kitchens We Love

Why do we love this kitchen? Could it be the white tile black splash? The hardwood floor? The refrigerator chalkboard? Or the gorgeous open shelving above the sink? We’ll tell you: it’s all of those things. This kitchen, spotted at My Scandinavian Home embodies so many of our favorite trends!

  1. Teal Tiles

Ok, so we love a white kitchen, but these aquamarine tiles are perfect. They feel summery and fresh and kind of remind you of the ocean—all good vibes for a kitchen. Not to mention, the color looks great in contrast to the green plants, copper utensils, and white countertops. Plants are a great way to liven up any space, especially your kitchen.

Spotted on: The Jungalow   

  1. Tiny Kitchen

10 Kitchens We Love

This tiny kitchen inspires us because of its genius design. The owner of this kitchen made great use of space. The wall shelving and the peg board are a great use of vertical storage. Meanwhile, the decorations on top of the fridge add some character without taking up storage space, and the rug adds dimension.

  1. Blue Cabinets

10 Kitchens We Love

Blue seems to be a trending color for kitchens, and we can see why: it’s subtle, sophisticated, and clean. We love the bluish-gray cabinets and drawers in this kitchen, but that’s not all. There’s so much contrast going on here with the tiled walls and the black oven.

  1. Blue Kitchen Island

Blue strikes again! What did we tell you? We love this light blue-colored kitchen. The white marble countertop is to die for, and the chandelier on the ceiling adds an elegant touch—not that it wasn’t already! Top it off with fresh white flowers and we are smitten.

  1. Coastal Kitchen

Whenever we see the word “coastal” or “nautical” in reference to home design, we kind of cringe at the anticipation of cheesy sea shells and ship steering wheels, right? This kitchen is just the opposite. Light blue makes the space feel open and breezy, and the kitchen island with matching blue chairs reminds us of a boardwalk ice cream shop, which is definitely a win.

  1. Open Shelving and Hanging Lights

10 Kitchens We Love

We’re in love with the contrast in this little kitchen snapshot: black cabinets, granite countertop, white wall tile, and wooden open shelving. Bingo! This kitchen is filled with life, just as any kitchen should be, featuring green plants and fresh garlic hanging from the shelves. Not to mention, those hanging wire lanterns add just the right amount of “modern.”

  1. Marble Island

Let’s face it, kitchen islands are the best. They’re the perfect place to pop a squat for a quick snack, or, if your family is small enough, they eliminate the need for a table entirely. This marble island caught our eye. The beige upholstered stools are chic and fit perfectly with the white marble.

  1. Wooden Island

Another island. Can you complain? This one is the complete opposite of the one above. While it’s still certainly elegant, the wooden finish on this island gives the whole kitchen a cozy, rustic feel.

  1. Colorful Kitchen

10 Kitchens We Love

One last kitchen, and then you’re on your way! This colorful kitchen grabbed our eye instantly. Dark blue and green mix here for a fun, energetic kitchen. We love the bright green wire lanterns and the giant wall clock. This kitchen is definitely pushing boundaries!

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