It’s spring, and that means Mother’s Day is right around the corner. We hope it didn’t catch you off guard this year. If conventional Mother’s Day gifts don’t quite suit your urban, city-loving mama, you might need to branch out. Need some help?

Here are 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for city-loving mothers:

  1. Bicycle coffee cup holder 

Moms need caffeine. And city-dwelling moms need a cup holder for their bicycles, obviously. Why didn’t someone think of this before? We know mom is multi-talented, but this might be a bit more efficient than riding around one-handed.

  1. Mama-themed coffee mug 

10 Gift Ideas for City-Loving Mothers

Ok, this is kind of basic, but we’re convinced that the average city mom must need a lot of coffee to get her through the day. You’ve got to be one tough mama to raise kids in a busy city, and a coffee mug is a timeless classic. She’ll love starting her day with something personal or customized. We think this particular mug is both amusing and probably accurate, if you have younger siblings.

  1. Trendy but functional backpack 

There are many things we always expected our mom to have on hand when we were kids: tissues, snacks, and crayons are just a few items she always had hiding in her purse. But the city mom needs something a little more functional than a purse. Solution: a trendy backpack.

  1. Mama Bird t-shirt 

10 Gift Ideas for City-Loving Mothers

This Mama Bird t-shirt is both a statement and the perfect attire for running around town. Could it get any easier?

  1. Photo blanket 

Wait, it’s not as corny as it sounds anymore! If you’re feeling artsy and you have knack for photography, your trendy urban mom might love this fleece photo blanket. Fill it with family photos from vacations and the holidays. She’ll love it.

  1. Planner 

All moms are hard workers, and we suspect most of them have it figured out. But balancing everything—working all day, picking up kids, and planning meals—can get a little overwhelming. Mom might appreciate a planner to help her manage her time.

  1. Bath bombs

Ok, so this is another pretty basic gift. But trust us, mom works hard, especially an urban city mom. Give her an excuse to put her feet up and pamper herself, as she so deserves, with a set of bath bombs. These ones from Lush are packed with fun goodies and fizzle until they turn your bath water different colors. It’s a unique way to relax.

  1. Watch 

    10 Gift Ideas for City-Loving Mothers

If you think watches are better Father’s Day presents, you’re living in the wrong decade. The urban city mom has a lot on her plate, and keeping track of the time probably can get a little hectic. We’re thinking she’d appreciate a nice timepiece to stay on schedule.

  1. Headphones 

Sometimes mom just needs to tune out the world—especially if she commutes to work on foot or the subway. A trendy set of headphones would be a welcome gift for a working city mama.

  1. Humorous card 

Does your city mom have a sense of humor? Get her a card with a sentiment like, “Thanks for not letting me screw up my life,” or, “You’re One Badass Mother.” They’re honest and amusing.

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